Orihuela Costa-based Downs Syndrome swimmer Adam Stewart has been reunited with his birth mother and father, along with his half-sisters after 33 years. Adam was adopted by Pauline and Greig Stewart when he was six, and when he became 18, a search started to track down his birth parents, as he always said at an early age that he wanted to meet them.

All avenues led to brick walls, but two years ago, one of Adam’s half-sisters Zena was tracked down on Facebook, and a message was sent to her, along with an e-mail. That mail got clogged up in the system, and it was only earlier this month that Zena spotted it and opened it up to find out what it was about.

Things moved fast, and last Friday, Adam was reunited with his birth parents Sue and Colin Bibby, and his half-sisters Zena and Wanda. He also discovered that he has another brother, in addition to a half-sister and half-brother, and after a fantastic reunion, everybody has pledged to keep very much in touch.

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