A Chinese couple in Murcia City brought a new meaning to “home alone” when they flew off to their native China, leaving their 15-year-old son and his eight-year-old sister to fend for themselves for at least a month.

Teachers at the girl’s school alerted authorities when they saw the child had not washed, was wearing dirty clothes which were wrong for the time of year, had head lice and had even cut her own hair. When social workers went to the child’s home, they found the property full of rubbish, with rotting remains of food scattered everywhere and dried excrement in the bath.

The boy was found not to have been going to school, and he explained his parents had gone to their native China a month before and left him to care for his little sister. Both youngsters were said to be in good health and were taken into care with an approach to the Chinese Embassy in Madrid being considered if the parents do not return to Murcia soon.

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