Four British people, aged between 28 and 50, who ran a mail-order marijuana distribution business out of the Murcia region have been arrested by the Guardia Civil. Parcels crammed with the drugs were sent out via the Correos office in Bullas to addresses in the UK and Ireland, after the drugs had been cultivated locally.

Correos staff literally smelt that something was up as they dealt with large quantities of parcels letting off a strong stench, and so they called in the Guardia Civil. Agents staked out the Correos office as they waited to see who was posting the packages, as not surprisingly there were no return address labels on the parcels.

A British couple were spotted delivering the parcels to the office, and so the Guardia followed them to a finca outside Bullas, where two greenhouses full of marijuana plants were discovered. Three men and a woman were detained, in addition to the plants being seized along with other drugs and laboratory equipment.

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