Orihuela opposition councillor, María García of the socialist PSOE party, has accused the PP-led council’s government team of a “lack of respect” by not convening a heritage committee meeting at her party’s request to find out why the authority did not appeal last autumn over the status of a local walkway. García says that rules have been broken over calling a meeting in response to her party’s call.     

The long-running row over access on the Paseo between Aguamarina and Cabo Roig took a major turn last November, after the council failed to appeal to the Supreme Court over a lower court ruling that decided that the walkway was on private land and that residents had the right to seal it off. Two years ago, Orihuela council moved in and took a wall down on the walkway.   

María García says she wants answers from heritage councillor Rafael Almagro as to why no appeal was made, and what advice was given as to the appropriate cause of action. The PSOE have claimed that the court ruling was sent in a document to the council, and just lay in a drawer as the 15-day appeal deadline passed.

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