Spain’s prime minister Mariano Rajoy says he hopes that the Brexit negotiations will mean “minimal disruption” for the European Union – and once they are over, the bloc can focus “on the real problems” that affect citizens like healthcare, immigration, security and youth employment. His comments came after British prime minister Theresa May outlined her strategy for the forthcoming Brexit negotiations, which would include the UK pulling out of the single market. 

After meeting the leaders of Spain’s regional governments, Mariano Rajoy said: “Europe is our past, present and future.” He asked for Theresa May’s government to be clear about the model of relationship it seeks for the new UK-EU partnership.

Rajoy says: “We are ready to have an intense and good understanding in the future.” He added that “all possibilities are open” as long as the four freedoms of movement – services, goods, capitals and people – are not negotiated separately with Britain.

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