Plans to close San Javier airport in favour of the new facility at Corvera, which has yet to appoint a management company, appear to still be mired in a row over compensation with San Javier owner, AENA.

Murcia’s regional works and development minister, Pedro Rivera, initially said that AENA had agreed to close their operations at San Javier when Corvera eventually opens, but reports in the press suggest that this not the case, with AENA standing firm on claiming 35 million euro of compensation. Part of that sum includes the cost of a runway that was put down at San Javier in 2011, despite the fact that Corvera was being built.  

Ironically AENA is said to be one of the likely bidders for the Corvera-operating franchise, which is set to be tendered soon according to Rivera, who insisted that a full deal involving the closure of San Javier is set to be signed soon by the Murcia government and AENA.

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