Teenage Boy Arrested for Continual Bullying of 14-Year-Old Schoolgirl

The National Police have arrested a 14-year-old boy who is accused of bullying a schoolgirl, not just in the classroom, but also outside the school and even at the victim’s own home. The location was only specified as being somewhere within the Valencia region. 

Three other boys aged 14 and 15 are also being investigated over a constant series of threats and actions against the girl, which started in October 2015. The victim was regularly physically and verbally insulted by the group and it got to the stage when she was followed and insulted at weekends, with eggs hurled at her window on one occasion. 

The girl’s parents only found out what was going on when she refused to go to school, as she suffered from depression and anxiety. They then filed a complaint with the National Police.

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