Costa Blanca Hotels Fight Back Against Fraudulent Sickness Claims from Tourists

Benidorm-area hotels want to ask for proof of illness as they launch a campaign against an increasing number of dishonest British holidaymakers who are making bogus food poisoning claims.

The hotel association, HOSBEC, reported back in November that solicitors had parked vans bearing slogans such as ‘Claims Clinic’ outside their local hotels which encouraged tourists to mount fraudulent claims on their return to the UK.

The solicitors offered a chance of getting money back on holidays, up to a full refund, and even carried signs like “Free Holiday” to lure in new clients.

British tourists would now have to get a prescription for common over-the-counter sickness medications under the new HOSBEC proposal, to show that a doctor has diagnosed food poisoning.

HOSBEC President Antonio Mayor said:-“This is a problem that we cannot allow to go any further. It is not just something that is happening in Benidorm or the Costa Blanca, but something that is affecting the entire sector.”

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