Bidding Will Open for Corvera Airport Management Contract

Murcia’s regional government is going ahead with tendering the management contract for Corvera airport, even though no deal has been reached with San Javier’s operator, AENA, over any timetable to close it down, in addition to compensation payments over a new runway installed there a few years ago.
The 25-year management contact for Corvera is expected to have at least three bidders, according to infrastructure minister, Pedro Rivera (pictured), based on inspection visits made to the site last spring.
The minister claimed that passenger numbers for the first year at Corvera would be around half a million, with figures rising to three and a half million over the 25-year contractual term. He said that around a third of the passenger numbers using Alicante-Elche airport come from the Murcia region, which meant that the new facility at Corvera would be able to pick up those people in the future.
Rivera was unable to say when the airport would open, and another uncertainty is the political situation in Murcia, with the future of the Partido Popular administration lying on a knife-edge after Ciudadanos pulled out of their coalition due to corruption allegations against the President, Pedro Antonio Sánchez López.
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