Prosecutors have called for an 18-year jail term for a Romanian man who confessed to beating his 42-year-old girlfriend to death in El Altet in November 2015, with the trial scheduled to start this week. 

The 47-year-old man appeared in a drunken state at an abandoned cottage that they were squatting in and assaulted her using a variety of implements, and then left the scene and told a passer-by what had happened, before the police were called in. The homeless couple had been in the area for some three weeks, having previously squatted in Villena and Almansa.

Emergency services discovered on arrival that the dead woman had been repeatedly beaten, with her boyfriend admitting that he had hit her in the past. Prosecutors at the Provincial Court in Elche also want him to pay 150 thousand euro in compensation to the woman’s family. He has been kept in custody for the last 17 months at Fontcalent prison.

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