Two men, a Spaniard aged 34 and a Moroccan aged 46, have been arrested by the Guardia Civil in Bigastro and in Los Montesinos for allegedly forging money and trafficking drugs.

A stash of 78 forged fifty-euro notes (3,900€), 170 grams of hashish and 14 grams of cocaine have been confiscated from the pair.

The investigation began when a man ordered a taxi and asked the driver to take him from club to club around the area and wait outside each establishment until he came out and went on to the next place.

The taxi driver became suspicious of the man’s behaviour, and his ostentatious show of money, so he decided to run a 50-euro note that the man had given him under a false note detector, which subsequently showed that the note was indeed false.

He immediately alerted the Guardia Civil of San Miguel, who came and arrested the Spaniard, finding a total of 3,900€ of counterfeit 50-euro notes hidden in an envelope in his pocket.

On his arrest, the Spaniard demonstrated a huge amount of surprise, denying his knowledge that the notes were fake, and saying that he had “taken” them from his friend’s house in Bigastro.

A search warrant was granted, but instead of counterfeit money, the officers discovered a stash of 170 grams of hashish and 14 grams of cocaine in the kitchen.

The Guardia Civil now believe, after further investigation, that on knowing that the Moroccan was out of the country working, the Spaniard went to his house to help himself to the drugs that he knew were being kept there. However, instead of the drugs he came across the money and decided to take it and go on a mad night out.

The pair have been released but will appear in court at a later date.

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