The Observatory for the Justice and Defence of Animals (El Observatorio Justicia y Defensa Animal) is making the general public aware of its mobile phone app which has been created solely for the purpose of denouncing the mistreatment of animals. 

The pioneering app in Europe and the first in Spain has been designed so that anyone who is witness to any act of animal cruelty can alert the authority directly, free of charge and anonymously through his mobile phone at the time of the crime.

One of the aims of the application is to bring awareness to the public about animal abuse in Spain, and the fact that it must not be allowed to continue.

The app, which is easy, quick and safe to use, can only be used in Spain at the moment. It allows the witness to upload photos and/or videos without coming out of the app and send them to the team at the observatory.

In addition, it is possible to indicate the exact location of where the abuse has taken place using GPS coordinates, and write a text describing what has happened.

This is definitely the easiest and most accessible way to report a crime against animals, which is fantastic as many people are put off making a denuncia because of the time and hassle involved.

The Observatory for the Justice and Defence of Animals in a non-profit-making national organisation, created in 2012, whose main objective is the legal defence and protection of the animals in this country.

The organisation is made up of various professionals from different sectors, including lawyers, journalists, vets and educators.

All of the information sent to the team will be studied at length and then used as evidence in a legal situation at the most appropriate time.

For more information and to download the app onto your device, please visit:

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