The former president of the Government of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, resigned from his seat in Congress on Friday, according to his political group, the Partido Popular, in an official notice.

Once his resignation is formalised, Rajoy will request his re-entry in the Cuerpo de Registradores de la Propiedad, which is based in the Alicante town of Santa Pola.

Rajoy, who ceased to be President of the Government on June 1, when he failed the censure motion presented by the PSOE, announced his departure as leader of the PP and the opening of the process for his replacement four days later, on June 5.

During the period, the former president admitted his intention to leave politics definitively, and so the PP could assume that he would no longer occupy his seat.

It should take little more than a month for Rajoy to definitively end his political career, when he ceases to be president of the PP, a position he has held for fourteen years, in the extraordinary congress that will elect his replacement.

Mariano Rajoy has been a member of Congress continuously since June 1986, so he has held a seat in the Lower Chamber for 32 years.

From his arrival in Congress until 2004 he was deputy for Pontevedra, although once he was elected leader of the party he held a seat in Madrid.

According to sources of the PP group, Valentina Martinez Ferro will occupy the vacancy left by Rajoy, following in the list that concurred to the elections of June of 2016.

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