Authorities in Spain, including from the police headquarters, are assuring everyone that supposed threats of terrorist attacks on the Canary Islands this summer are false.

The notice has come about after a number of U.K. national newspapers reported that the threat level had been increased due to an impending threat of an attack on at least one of the islands in the Canarian archipelago.

The terrorist threat level across Spain, including the Canaries, is unchanged and has remained so for some years.

A spokesperson for the police assured people by saying, “ignore hoaxes that only seek to frighten the population.”

Meanwhile, the official Twitter account of the police headquarters serving the Canary islands (@polprcanarias), also offered reassurance, “We are not in Level V of the terrorist alert nor should you trust messages that are disseminated in order to create fear, always go to official sources.”

The threat level to Spain can be checked at any time on the website of the Interior Ministry,, where the level is seen to be Level 4. As has been the case since 26 June, 2015. The same link also provides information and advice about what this level actually means.

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