A recent survey by Spanish online doggy portal Snau, reveals that Greta is amongst the top choices to name a female dog in Spain, along with Lola, Nuka, Dune and Luna. As for the boys, Bruno, Enzo, Eros, Neo and Porthos are the top choice, with Ben not even featuring (that´s a Spanish language pun).

Snau is an online platform where you can share your life with your dog. “As members of our families that they are, we want to take care of them as they deserve, providing them with all the essentials in their day to day life”.

They offer services that your dog needs at some point in their life. Offering accommodation, day care, walks, dog grooming and training through positive reinforcement. All services at home and with professionals verified by Snau.

During the survey of dog names, amongst the most original for males included Zape, Yaco or Wallace, and for the females Wanda, Vida or Sasha. There are those who opt for food names, such as Coco, Taco, Nugget, Chicle or Oreo; or of famous people, such as Bunbury, Iker, Audrey, Rasputin or Beatle. And others who prefer to call their dogs with names of fictional characters, such as Balú, Gandalf, Casper or Dexter.

The Spanish canine population is estimated at around 9 million individuals, taking as reference those registered in the Spanish Network for the Identification of Companion Animals, and it is estimated that one out of every four families has a dog as a pet.

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