More and more people need to know exactly the legal implications of a real estate transaction, which has made it possible for a new increase in the demand of law firms specialising in Real Estate Law. Artigas Abogados reveals the keys to this new growth

“After years of crisis and the numerous problems that have arisen in relation to housing, we have begun a new stage in which users want to know exactly the legal implications of a certain real estate transaction, as well as all matters related to their homes”, that is the opinion of Adolfo Artigas, founder and director of the Artigas law firm, based in Benidorm.

The most conventional work of the lawyer is usually to make a complete study to verify the legal and technical aspects related to the concrete problem that is posed to him. For example, in the case of a home purchase, what is its registration situation, its charges, the construction status, the urban situation etc. When the real estate sale is going to take place, the lawyer must conduct the actions of his clients so that the acquisition is carried out with total legal certainty.

And although the purchase of housing is one of the most important investments that a person makes throughout his life, the lease also involves a series of procedures to which we must pay close attention. Therefore, having the presence of a lawyer is essential for the operation to be executed correctly and avoid problems. In addition, throughout the life of the lease, numerous legal problems may arise, such as the non-payment of income.

There are other issues of real estate law that are common and must have professional help, such as problems in Communities of Owners or those related to works, licenses or disputes over property between individuals.
Artigas Abogados works in Benidorm as a law firm specialising in Real Estate Law since 2004. The Firm’s philosophy is to offer personal and close attention, advising clients both extrajudicially and judicially with transparency and clarity.

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