Officers from the National Police have arrested a 43-year-old man on suspicion of assault and theft of an animal from a dwelling, after he allegedly scaled the perimeter fence to the property, jumped over a courtyard wall, stole a parrot in its cage, and then demanded a ransom to have it returned.

The investigations by the Judicial Police of Elche began when the victim reported the theft, saying that he had received a call from a man claiming to have the parrot, valued at 500 euro, and would return it for a sum on money yet to be determined.

An appointment was made by the caller to meet the victim to discuss the terms, which resulted in plain clothes officers surrounding the area, waiting for the kidnapper to appear.

The meeting was attended by the alleged thief, but did so without animal, as he didn´t trust the victim wouldn´t tell the police. The officers allowed the meeting to continue as if they were ignorant of the facts.

A subsequent agreement was made in which the parrot would be returned for the ransom of 100 euro, and the pair, the victim and suspect, headed to an area of Elche to make the swap, followed by the officers who were observing the scene.

The transaction took place, the parrot returned to its owner and the kidnapper promptly arrested by the officers.

The suspect has multiple records against him for robberies and will appear before the beak with another one to add to his list of offences.

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