Following the success of the first event last year, between the 17 and the 24 of September, Vegan Fest Alicante will be arranging the second Vegan Tapas Route in the city.

Much like a typical taps route that many towns now host, this edition has one unique speciality, in that all of the food served is suitable for vegans.

Although attitudes are starting to change and the range of products available growing constantly, being vegan or vegetarian in Spain is not one of the easiest life choices to be made, and so events like this not only make it easier for animal conscious food lovers to eat with peace of mind, it also raises awareness of the need to offer dishes catering for an ever growing number of people who eliminate animal products from their diet.

You can follow the event on Facebook, just look for “II Ruta de la Tapa Vegana en Alicante”, and get up to date information on the bars and restaurants taking part.

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