“Parents will spend an average of 869 euro this year to equip their children with everything they need to return to the classroom, from books to clothing, to stationery or sports equipment, in all, these costs will generate income that will exceed 7 billion euro nationwide”, explains the editor of Kelisto.es, Estefanía González.

Kelisto.es is a savings website which has estimated the costs of returning to the classroom, andhas calculated that “back to school” will generate more than 887 million euro in the Valencia region.

In terms of the percentage of average income, there is also a difference depending on the type of school, with a return to public school costing 2% of the average annual income, whereas private school costs 2.8%, according to the data.

With respect to the previous year, the average expenditure linked to the return to the classroom has remained practically stable, as it has only increased by 1.2%, going from 859 to 869 euro. On the other hand, if you compare the current situation with what happened a decade ago, the increase has been considerable, given that the costs of starting school have increased by 5.4% (from 825 to 869 euro) since 2008.

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