The National Police has issued a warning through social media over an increase in attacks in the Elche area where dogs have been targeted.

Dog owners warned of attacks

In the particular instances being warned about, sausages have had nails inserted in them, which are left in parks and then digested by the dogs.

In the past two days, two dogs have had to undergo emergency treatment so save their lives as a result of them eating these dangerous foods.

Although the recent reports have been in the Elche area, similar attacks could appear anywhere. The police warn dog owners to be on alert in order to avoid your pet becoming an innocent victim, and if you spot any to call 091 (or 112 if you don´t speak Spanish) to report the location.

An investigation is underway to try to identify anybody responsible for the attack who the police will deal with under the full powers of the laws regarding the mistreatment of animals.

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