Police have discovered an indoor marijuana plantation, with about 600 plants, in a warehouse attached to a house in Elche, after the electricity supply company reported a drain in their resources.

Technicians contacted the National Police after realising that the unit drawing the electricity wasn´t even fitted with an electricity meter, and it wasn´t seemingly possible that the house, which had the most minimum of lighting, could be draining the amount of power it was.

Collaborating with the Local Police in Elche, investigators entered the property and discovered the professionally kitted out plantation where around 600 plants were being cultivated.

A statement of evidence said that the technicians had detected, ”exaggerated” energy consumption in this property, which lacked electrical installation and was hooked to street lighting. When police joined them at the property identified as using the power, they realised that there was a strong smell of marijuana.

The occupants were identified and acknowledged that they were engaged in drug cultivation and were arrested for a crime against public health, and defrauding the electric company.

The 600 plants, which were in an advanced state of flowering, were seized during the raid.

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