When officers from the Local Police of Burriana located a 75-year-old man with Alzheimer’s who had disappeared the day before, they wondered why nobody had mentioned his dog.

The pensioner had been visiting a relative´s home for few days break away in the small town in the Valencian province of Castellón. As the afternoon passed by, the family were becoming increasingly concerned for his whereabouts, and by nightfall, there was still no news of him.

On account of his deteriorating mental state, the family contacted the Local Police, who in turn contacted the Guardia Civil, collectively immediately launching a search operation for the man, although it was made difficult because of the night.

The man was found at around 8 in the morning in a somewhat remote location of Molí del Arròs or Farinera, near the enclave of La Bota

The elderly man had mild signs of hypothermia and was clearly disorientation, and so medics were immediately called to the scene to care for him.

The question then returned to the dog and why nobody had mentioned he had a companion, to which the family revealed that he didn´t, and it turned out that the dog was in fact a stray and had seen the man in a disorientated state, and took it upon himself to stay with him. The man was clearly able to explain this, and said how the dog came to him and stayed by his side all night, even getting closer to the man to keep him warm.

As the medics arrived and treated the man, the dog remained by his side, refusing to abandon him, even insisting on boarding the ambulance with the man whilst the medics continued their care.

Because the animal didn´t belong to the old man, the police were forced to implement their standard protocol for stray dogs and so contacted the local animal protection officers to take it away to the pound.

However, their protocol was abandoned when the family of the man, recognising the “noble” act of the animal, contacted the Local Police to ask them to immediately start the process for them to adopt the dog, as their man´s new best friend.


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