It is a saying that ‘not all heroes wear capes’, but in this case, some are barely out of nappies, as a 4-year-old child saved the life of his mother this week

A 4-year-old child from Castilla y León has been branded a hero, after he managed to save the live of his mother by calling the emergency services to her aid.

The event took place in San Miguel del Camino on Monday when the mother seemingly fainted caused by a chronic illness.

Instantly realising the gravity of the situation, 4-year-old Luca sprang into action and called the emergency services.

Luca was able to explain exactly what had happened to his mum, and “perfectly” describe the location of his home, according to the operator, as well as the symptoms suffered by his mother.

Once help arrived, Luca met them at the door and took the slightly bemused medics and Local Police to his mum.

According to the teams who attended, upon entering the house they found the woman lying on the ground, disoriented and unable to move.

Thanks to the rapid intervention of Luca, mum was able to receive emergency treatment and later be transferred to a nearby health centre.

The 112 Emergency Coordination Centre of Castilla y León wanted to publicise the event and took to their social network profiles. They wanted to thank Luca for his quick action and good work. Not only did Luca act to summon help, it also later transpired that during the emergency situation he also managed to entertain and calm his brother, barely 24 days old.

The coordinators also wanted to highlight the case to raise awareness of good parenting practice by teaching the child to react to emergencies in such a calm and professional manor, despite his young age. A spokesperson for the emergency services could not convey strongly enough how, “he left us all impressed”.

The incident has also resulted in a number of discussions and debates taking place. It is undeniable that Luca´s actions were potentially life-saving, and so the question as to whether the education that he received should become part of the younger school syllabus, so that children learn to act in situations similar to the one that Luca had to face. Knowing how to seek help in emergency services, the positives of knowing first aid, and even knowing the emergency number, can all save lives, even at such a young age.

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