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At 13.00 on Tuesday 9th July 2013, a meeting was held at Bistro Bonita, Cerro Gordo, Cantoria, the object being to form an association in this area not only for submariners but anyone with a naval interest? It has been initiated by Chris Wright and Joh…


Jessica Simpson

The opposition councillor, Jessica Simpson, was expelled yesterday, Thursday 4 July, from the Mojacar Council meeting by the mayor. This is her account of the proceedings:

Greetings to all,
This is just a quick update of the sad and unfortunate situation that we witnessed yesterday in the extraordinary plenary meeting.

An outrage of power and attack towards the democratic rights of our town on behalf of the lady Mayor, as I was expelled after debating the approval of the municipal ordinance regulating noise, without any justifiable reason.

While defending something as essential as the freedom and rights of the people, I was warned twice because of reporting that the mayor had rejected an important cultural offer that was offered free of charge to the Town hall, for its own benefit and to extend the variety of cultural, musical and leisure activities.

Obviously this was not welcomed to be made public and for the Mayor was enough of a reason to give me two warnings immediatly.

The third warning, which led to myself being ejected, came because I said “I do not know who is advising her but she will possibly be convicted for the violation of a fundamental right (not holding ordinary plenary meetings, for which we are currently in a court case process), and I think that following the adoption of this ordinance, the Lady Mayor will also be known for infringing the constitutional rights, and should re-think before its approval. ” , In return I was accused of being disrespectful and degrading the work of the three civil servants who were present, Lawyer, secretary and auditor. I tried to defend myself from this false accusation but was expelled.

All the rest of the opposition, three councilors of Mojaquera Union, one from PSOE and one of Ciudadanos Europeos all left in support with myself , as they were all shocked by the Mayor´s attitude. Moments earlier the Mayor also had warned on two occasions the councilor from the Psoe, Manuel Zamora, who also had to bite his lip to not from be expelled as well.

Mrs. Rosa Maria Cano, does not like the fact that the opposition has a critical point of view, and do not agree with their forms of government, and takes everything as a personal attack towards the government and town hall workers, by always turning the tables and trying to accuse us by saying we are hostile and rude towards the mayor, the workers and the town.

Also it comes as no surprise when our mayor, is constantly laughing at the opposition when they are talking and explaining their position, this is very rude and a complete lack of respect. She seems to be her own law, as she also laughs at and does not respect court decisions or recommendations of the ombudsman.

This ordinance affects individual rights and freedom, and we are willing to fight for these rights in all the judicial bodies necessary.

All the points on the agenda including the noise ordinance were approved.

Best wishes to all, Jessica Simpson.


Events – 5 Day Christmas Holiday in Nerja
Following the extraordinarily successful trip to Ronda this month the Albox Travel Club is organising a 5-day Trip to Nerja. This will take place from 23rd December to 27th December 2013. The price wil…

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