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At the last meeting of the RBL the chairman, Peter Phillips, gave a very emotive and emotional talk on “Criminal investigation into child abuse in the 1990s”. He related his experiences to current events with eloquence and sincerity.


Tuesday the 15th of January saw the return to the UK, of one of Vera’s most colourful characters Rick Murtagh.
Homeless Rick has been seen begging outside many of Vera’s supermarkets for the past 4 years and is well known to many of the English Ex Pat…


Mojácar Positiva Se Mueve.

The group has decided to begin this New Year with a small gesture of solidarity.
As you all know, we have a councilor on the opposition, so there for our party receives a monthly salary, depending on the number of plenary meetings and assistance that is around 120-140 euros per month. This salary goes entirely to help create activities for our association and the expenses that they can generate. Our councilor, Jessica Simpson, does not receive any of this money.

About a year ago we decided to sponsor a child with some of that money, and seeing that we can still carry out our activities without a problem (mundialito , awareness campaigns, children’s carnivals, etc.), we decided to start up our own supportive campaign “12 months 12 causes “.

This campaign will help out by sponsoring a different organization each month, providing a humble economic donation (15-20 euros) this is not a lot but we believe that a little is better than nothing to help those in need. This campaign is put in to practice as in several meetings we all decided that we should help in any way possible, charities and show solidarity, but there are always a great variety of topics and organizations that appeal to different people.

This is why we decided that each month, someone in our group propose an NGO, association or group to support with that money and also by giving them publicity on our social networks, so if anyone else is interested in helping this cause this will help to encourage them.

To start this campaign, “12 months 12 causes” this January, one of our members, Julen, has proposed the following: “Partnership for Progress and Integration of Cultures – PANDORA” to which we have already donated 15 euros to support the albino refugee community in Kabanga School, Kasulu, Tanzania.

Here is their web link if you want to see for more information or donations.

From now on every month we will inform you of our charitable causes (along with all the other occurrences) and at the end of the year, we will do a follow-up of the organizations 12 in which we have participated.

Thank you very much once again for your time and we hope that this year will bring much more positive humanitarian news and less news related to evictions, crisis, violence, war and other violations against human rights.

If you need more information or details do not hesitate to contact us by email, phone or Facebook.

Food for thought: ” He that is of the opinion that money will do everything, may well be suspected of doing everything for money”. Benjamin Franklin.

Jessica Simpson. Mojácar Positiva Se Mueve.


On Saturday 2nd June 2012 Helen Geddes and Isobel Forsyth the proprietors of The Grapevine held a Jubilee celebration for The Queens Diamond Jubilee supporting her 60 years on the throne. Most of the local British ex-pats turned out some even looking l…


When British legion stalwart Judy Moon was looking for a novel way to celebrate her 70th birthday she decided to tackle one of her long term phobias and support the RBL Poppy appeal at the same time.
Despite a life time fear of heights Judy contacted…

Foto relacionada con la nota de prensa


Following changes to the way The Royal British Legion raises its funds, a new club called The Albox Travel Club has been created.
The Club has no connection with The Royal British Legion, its Branches or Committees and runs independently with its own …


The Albox Branch of The Royal British Legion held its AGM on the 15th November at La Parrilla hotel & restaurant in the main square of Albox.
They said a sad farewell to Chris Pearce, the chairman for the last 3 years and also Jeff Hanson the Popp…


From 1 January to 30 September in the current reporting year there have been 1379 reports of gender violence in the province of Almeria

Despite an overall increase of 2% in the number of reported cases it is gratifying to note that, so far this year, there have been no deaths in Almeria accredited to Gender Violence. Experts say that this is because of the excellent work of the security forces as well as the loss of fear of many women in reporting such incidents.

The news is particularly optimistic if one considers that the province of Almería has actually led the country in the number of deaths from male violence against their wives and partners in the past two years. Indeed the first 10 months of 2011 saw 4 deaths from such aggression.

Concha Reyes is the coordinator of the Domestic Violence Unit in Almería. She says that the situation is very complex and a single death will change the picture but while she has her fingers crossed she congratulated the security forces on the great work they are carrying out in this area.

It is not easy to find many positives when talking about violence and the subject should always treated with due caution, but the province of Almeria has many positives to highlight with more than ten months having passed since it last recorded a fatality in Almeria, the death of 33 year old IG, a Russian national, who was killed in Roquetas de Mar on December 26, 2011. Since then there have been a number of cases of violence, but none has seen a tragic end.

However Reyes says that the downside are the figures collected by her organization from the National Police, Civil Guard and local police which point to a 2% increase in the number of new complaints received in the first ten months of the year many of which can be attributed to the current economic crisis.

From 1 January to 30 September in the current reporting year there have been 1379 reports of gender violence in the province, while in the same period in 2010 there were 1,350 and in 2011 the number was 1309. So far this year, courts and security forces are receiving an average of four complaints every day. “This is a slight increase from the figures of previous years, indicating some loss of fear on the part of women in reporting their aggressors,” says the head of the Family service (SAF) of the National Police in Almería.

According to the Domestic Violence Monitoring System in the Ministry of the Interior, there has also been a slight decrease in the number of protection orders issued following allegations. Of the 1379 reported cases there have been 637 orders of protection issued, compared to 664 that were issued in 2011.

As for the age of women reporting abuse, most are in the 25-34 and 35-44 years age groups. Amongst the attackers, however, the age range of most is between 25 and 55, in many cases the man being a few years older than his victim.

In the first nine months of 2012 there have been eleven cases of violence against children, with three assailants under 18 years of age

Most cases of violence occur between married couples, followed by violence between partners and then against former partners. So far this year there has been a slight increase in the number of women of foreign nationality who have denounced aggressors. 52% come from overseas while the remaining 48% of the women were born in Spain.

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