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The city of Marbella has purchased a machine to improve the maintenance of artificial turf on soccer fields in the municipality. It is a multifunctional diesel tractor that will maintain the fields quicker than before and keep them in a working condition for longer.

Sports councillor, Ángel Mora, handed over the morning the machine this week, saying “after two years of work in completing the installation of artificial turf fields around the town, we bought this multifunction machine that serves, among other things, to comb, unpack and clean synthetic surfaces “.

Ángel Mora went on to say that this continual investment has highlighted the “efforts being made by the council to ensure that Marbella has the best sports facilities” and stated that “thanks to machines like this, the fields will last longer and will be better.”

The presentation was also attended by a representative of local company Riego Verde SA, Carlos Torres Carlos, who explained that “this is a market leading machine, which can attach various accessories to complete a multitude of functions, making it one of the most versatile and best performing there is available.”


Marriage in Málaga doesn´t last as long as other places in the region, as proven by the Instituto Andaluz de Estadística in a recent survey.
Rather than until death, marriage in Málaga is likely to last 14.3 years, although…


The Sindicato Médico de Málaga (Medical Association of Malaga), reported on the suspension of at least 15 medical operations this week in Ronda, due to a lack of anesthetists.
Three operating rooms were closed in total, one used for tre…

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