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Corvera Airport Tender Published

The formal tender to run Corvera Airport in Murcia was published by the regional government last Saturday. Prospective bidders have been given 40 days to say they are interested in tendering for the 25-year franchise, which would then be followed by a 60 day period for the bidders to present their detailed plans. At a

Individual suspected of financing Islamic State arrested in Spain

On 15 March 2017, the Spanish Guardia Civil, supported by Europol, arrested in Girona (Spain) a Moroccan national suspected of helping finance the terrorist group Islamic State (IS). The arrestee, aged 43, was under investigation for participating, along with two of his brothers arrested in July 2016, in a complex financial scheme which involved sending

Always Wear your Seatbelt

All this week, including through the weekend, officers from the Guardia Civil, supported by colleagues from the National, Regional and Local Police, are keeping a watchful eye on the roads, paying particularly close attention to the wearing of seatbelts and Read More …

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