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Europol, Spain and Poland dismantle a criminal group involved in drugs smuggling

Europol has coordinated a joint investigation led by the Spanish National Police and the Polish Police (Police Central Bureau of Investigation) to dismantle a criminal group involved in the international smuggling of large quantities of marijuana (mainly to Poland and Germany). The investigation started once the Spanish National Police detected a criminal group, composed of

Children Live with Dead Mother for a Week Before Seeking Help

Three youngsters lived with their mother’s dead body in their home in Palma on the island of Mallorca for almost a week before getting help. The children aged five, 10, and 11, flagged down a council gardener to tell him about their predicament, saying that they had not eaten for days, as their mother was

Cockroaches for Lunch Anyone?

A lunchbox stuffed with cockroaches was found in a Madrid park last week by local police officers, who then took them to a wildlife centre. Fifty-four cockroaches were found in the discarded container with the insects being up to three inches long.

Minimum Wage Set to Increase 8% Next Year

The minimum wage in Spain will go up by eight percent next year as part of a gradual move towards it reaching 60 percent of the average salary in Spain, in line with European Union requirements. The aim is to reach a minimum pre-tax wage of 950 euro per month for a full time job

Chinese Running Criminal Call Centres Arrested

The National Police have arrested more than 200 people of Chinese origin in a crackdown on gangs that ran call centres that swindled 16 million euro from compatriots in China. The police said they had dismantled 13 call centres run out of houses, with over 30 arrests happening in Alicante City and Elche, as well

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