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The two organizations have now requested the intervention of the Arbitration Service

The one-day transport strike in the Almeria public health service passed without incident despite affecting 360 workers and 95 percent of ambulances. Minimum services continued to be provided covering response to and transport for all emergencies, dialysis and cancer patients.

This was confirmed by the Provincial Delegation of Health and Social Welfare which stated that the agreed services ensured one hundred percent coverage for both emergency and patients on dialysis and scheduled cancer treatments.
The 24-hour strike called by the CCOO and CSIF unions began on Wednesday morning after a “breakdown” in the negotiations between the strike committee and the company ‘Ambulances Quevedo’. The schedule of demonstrations also includes further 24-hour strikes and does not rule out calling an indefinite strike.

The two unions demanded a strike after ‘Ambulances Quevedo’ sacked 25 workers and changed “substantially” working conditions for the other 33 employees who have seen their contracts changed from full to part-time.

They have warned that these measures will impact on citizen services, particularly at the emergency health centers of Albanchez, Chirivel, Oria, María, Vélez Blanco, Abla, Canjáyar, Campohermoso (Nijar), Cabo de Gata, Sorbas and Tabernas from where ambulances are stationed and dispatched.

Although earlier demonstrations were planned on 21 and 23 August, the workers decided to suspend their actions after the strike committee and the company agree on a timetable for negotiations. In line with this, the two organizations have now requested the intervention of the Arbitration Service (SAS) in the resolution of the conflict, as they are unable to reach any agreement themselves.


Work on the road network was suspended in Nov 2011

An amendment tabled in the Andalusian Parliament by the United Left of Andalusia, one of the parties that form the regional government, sought the “suspension” of all contracts’ involved in the execution and operation “of the Almanzora motorway until 2016. However, the petition was published in the Official Gazette of the Andalusian Parliament on August 29, and according to the regional PP, it was “removed” last week due to strong “political and business pressures.

In IU’s amendment, required the suspension of contracts awarded by the model of public-private financing, through which it was planned to build stretches of the Almanzora motorway, many phases of which are either already in service or under construction.

The bill would also have affected a number of other projects like the highway Iznalloz-Darro.

The main argument for the decision, the United Left explains at the beginning of the amendment is “the public interest”. They state that all government obligations and contracts relating to this project are suspended with a possibility that they ‘could’ be renewed by the Governing Council of the Junta de Andalucía following further studies after January 1, 2016
When the bill was made public it aroused the indignation of many Almanzora leaders and politicians who immediately expressed their outrage.

Many of the regions’s mayors met to discuss the situation just last week at the headquarters of the Association of Municipalities of Almanzora, one notable absentee being the socialist Juan Antonio Lorenzo, Mayor of Seron

However it was announced by Party sources that the amendment, submitted by the United Left, “was withdrawn” due to pressure received from “business and political leaders.” The debate continued in a mood of celebration.

It was said that in the coming days, there would be a number of protests and appeals to all social and business groups in the valley to ensure that the works, suspended for very nearly 12 months, are finally completed as a matter of some haste.


National Police have made an arrest in Níjar of a 39 year old man, identified as AD, who is accused of stabbing another man during a fight in the vicinity of a farmhouse on the Costacabana road, close to the University of Almería. The incident happened at 3.30 am on Sunday morning during an argument involving four people.

A witness alerted the 112 Emergency Services which in turn called the National Police. The rapid intervention of a patrol avoided what could have become a tragedy.

The victim had several deep cuts on his arms, inflicted by a “machete.” Suffering from major blood the ambulance took him to Torrecárdenas Hospital where he underwent an emergency operation.

Meanwhile, the police arrested the alleged assailant, a resident of Níjar who, on checking, was found to have a history of crimes against property and threats. He was subsequently charged with attempted murder by the Homicide Task Force in Almería which has taken charge of the investigations and currently remains in police cells, in the capital, waiting for a court appearance.

The weapon allegedly used in the assault was recovered by the police.

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