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The event was organized by the Canine Association of Almería

The pavilion Infanta Cristina de Roquetas de Mar was filled to capacity, not only by the public on Sunday, but by barking dogs of all breeds and sizes.

There gathered many hundreds of people, some with, but many without, their pets, who were taking part in, or attending, the ‘National Dog Show of Roquetas de Mar’. The event was organized by the Canine Association of Almería in collaboration with the Federation Canine Allianz of Spain and Worldwide.

Manuel Nieto, the event organizer, who is also a national and specialist judge coordinator and manager of the Almería Canine Association, explained in a statement that “We have had far more dogs than we expected. There are four classifications into which we have divided ten groups of dogs. Each group corresponds to a variety of different breeds. For example, pastoral dogs make upgroup one, group two is guard and defense dogs, Terrier group three.”

“Initially all of the dogs are cataloged after which we take them through the various stages of each competition culminating with the best of breed which will eventually compete for the entire group. The group winner will then go through to the grand finals.”

“We are extremely excited about the competition,” he continued, “and if all goes well, which is currently the case, there is no reason why in the very near future Almeria will not be hosting a large international competition devoted to man’s best friend.“


Organiser Jesus Contreras called it a resounding success

Natural Park has been this weekend the scene of a variety of activities with the aim of promoting tourism in nature and birdwatching

The Parque Natural Cabo de Gata was the venue last weekend for nature lovers and the Iberian Festival of Birds where over 400 people took part in the various ornithological projects which were held to mark the 25th anniversary of the park.

Organiser Jesus Contreras called it a resounding success explaining that “During the three days of the festival, not only did people attend from all over Almeria, but we also had visitors from Portugal, Italy and even New York.”

The anniversary of the Natural Park Cabo de Gata saw a hive of activity involving a multitude of events relating to Iberian birds and ornithological tourism. There were scientific lectures, excursions and leisure cycling, bird watching, photography contests as well as exhibition stands open to public and as well as a number of tourist operators.

The anniversary of the Natural Park Cabo de Gata has been full of activity around Iberian birds and responsible tourism.

Science lectures, excursions and leisure cycling, bird watching, photography contests, stands open to public tourism agencies in the province and playgrounds have served to know a little more about nature. In addition, the festival also featured musical performances by artists such as Sensi Falán, Martyn Thompson, Juan de Juani and María Molina.

Some of the many objectives amongst the wide range of activities was how to care for the Natural Park, to enjoy it responsibly without damaging its environment as well promoting it through tourism; the priceless Cabo de Gata with its vast savannahs and ravenous wilderness.

Jesús Contreras and Peter Jones, organizers of the Iberian Festival of Birds now say that they are already thinking about other future projects. The next gathering will offer Andalucía as a venue for environmental tourism and birdwatching. “We have formed a committee of four people from four different provinces within Andalusia and we are working to promote the autonomous community as a single product,” says Contreras.

On this one occasion the Almeria province has ceased to be a destination of seekers of sun and sand. The Parque Natural Cabo de Gata demonstrated rather more potential for ornithological tourism and in future years it is hoped that it will be able to attract more and more enthusiasts and ornithological experts to the area. Last weekend the proof was in the 400 + people who attended this festival purely because of their love for this special type of tourism.


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