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Divers were sent to inspect the hull of a cargo ship that ran aground on the beach of Almayate, Málaga.
The container ship “K Wave” became stranded some 200 metres off the shore, after a potential fault with the vessel´s GPS …


The Andalusian Centre of Photography (CAF) and the Ministry of Culture presented two exhibits last week, from photographer Nadav Kander on his first exhibition in Spain; ‘Obama’s People and Other Portraits’ and ‘Inner Condition.’


Fuensanta Lima with her Executive

The common interest, public service and hard work will be the mainstays of Fuensanta Lima as Mayoress of Mijas after the municipal elections

Antonio Hernando, Miguel Angel Heredia, Antonio Sanchez, and many Socialists in the Costa del Sol and Mijas were there to support Fuensanta Lima as the candidate of the Socialists in Mijas.

The common interest, public service and hard work will be the mainstays of Fuensanta Lima when she becomes Mayoress of Mijas after the forthcoming municipal elections to be held on May 22nd.

She thanked those who were there and those who have shown their support over the past years and still show their support to her. She assured them that “today is one of the greatest days of my life”.

She also thanked the Local Executive who elected her as a candidate, praised the work of Antonio Sanchez as Mayor of Mijas, and pointed out that she considers him a role model as a politician because he has been generous with his support and she is proud of him.

Being the first Mayoress of Mijas, but especially “the Mayoress who Mijas needs,” is my daily work, because what I know best is how to work, work and work, and above all cooperate ” said Lima. She also stated “I am capable, I will have a new team, they will be very well prepared. they will work with enthusiasm and without counting the hours, because that’s what the people of Mijas require”.

“I believe in Mija,s as it is a progressive city with a great future. ” said Lima, She also pointed out that the progress of the city will be linked to listening to the residents and “every euro invested in the city will be for welfare of its citizens.

She also said that her priorities, now and in the future, will be job creation, commitment to education and social policies because “in Mijas we attend now and in the future those who need help, but above all to those who are suffering due to the international crisis”

She mentioned a big project that she is very proud of, the Bureau for the Promotion of Tourism in Mijas, where not only various city councillors are involved, but also repesentatives of golf courses, restaurateurs, businessmen,, the school of Tourism , and even the political opposition. “This is what I believe in: collaboration,” she added.

Finally, she said: “I will communicate directly and face to face with the people of Mijas , without giving pats on the back that are worth nothing”, so for Fuensanta Lima “local politics consists in putting yourself in the citizens’ shoes”. She reiterated her pride and commitment to and for the people of Mijas, in being Socialist ; above all she wants to lead a progressive administration because she wants the best for Mijas.

The City and Municipal Policy Secretary of the Federal Executive of the PSOE, Antonio Hernando, noted how, despite the poor image of some politicians, due to some specific events that eventually transcend to a larger scale, “people who are involved in politics dedicate much of their time and effort and some people even leave their hearts and here we have a clear example “he said, referring to Sanchez, ” the sole ambition of Antonio Sánchez has been to work on behalf of his city and those who live here “.

Hernándo added that “Mijas is not just any Town Hall. In Spain we govern over 3,000 municipalities and Mijas is included in a catalogue of the best practices within 53 municipalities, with the campaign Vive Mijas As an example of the way Mijas demonstrates social involvement and good management, he cited the Gloria Fuertes infant school for children from 0 to 3 years old. This is one of the largest in Andalucia.

He also pointed out that “it has been a good transition,” and “I’m sure Fuensanta will do a great job. She will be a great Mayoress and she will be highly visible in the streets and municipality of Mijas.

Miguel Ángel Heredia wanted to highlight the work of Antonio Sanchez leading the Town Hall of Mijas, because “he has demonstrated his honesty and integrity in renouncing his candidacy.” He pointed out that the PSOE in Mijas has demonstrated “the strength of its project”, since “Mijas is a reference point for socialist policies in the province of Malaga as well as in Andalusia Mijas was the first city in Spain to develop the areas of Education and Active Employment Policy.. “

Similarly, Heredia recalled how the policies of the PSOE de Mijas have made it the city in the Costa del Sol which has provided the most employment with the two plans Zapatero and Proteja, In addition, The Town Hall has devoted more than half of the second Plan Zapatero to education. Thus, “employment, education and social policies, accompanied by austerity, transparency and good management exemplify the policies that are being carried out by the Socialists in Mijas, Antonio has been leading the Town Hall, and Fuensanta will do so after the elections in May.”

Antonio Sánchez, General Secretary of the PSOE in Mijas and Mayor reiterated his support for Fuensanta Lima and expressed his appreciation for the gestures of affection from all the citizens from Mijas and especially thanked the support from his family.

Other Socialist candidates in the Costa del Sol are Javier García León from Fuengirola, Javier Carnero from Benalmadena, Jose Ortiz from Torremolinos. These, as well as numerous provincial and regional leaders like Francisco Conejo, Susana Radio, Daniel Perez, Richie Lopez, or Jose Carlos Duran did not want to miss the opportunity to support the candidate of Mijas, Fuensanta Lima.


The Party Secretary General reading out the press release

The local Executive of the PSOE, which met on 1st February, unanimously elected Fuensanta Lima as the Mayoral Candidate for the forthcoming municipal elections in 2011, Sanchez will continue as Mayor until the end of the legislature.

The leader of the PSOE in Mijas, Antonio Sánchez Pacheco announced officially that he will no longer head the list of candidates to become Mayor of Mijas at the upcoming municipal elections due to medical advice because of a congenital heart condition. Above all he thanked the people from Mijas who supported him when he took over the government of the Town Hall, his fellow party members, employees at the Town Hall and added “being Mayor is a fascinating task and it has been a pride and an honour to be Mayor of Mijas, Málaga’s third largest city.”

Sanchez was accompanied and supported by a large number of members of the PSOE in Mijas and councillors at Mijas Town Hall. He pointed out that he is resigning from being the candidate because “of the responsibility I owe to my family and myself” and of course, “nobody is indispensable in politics” though, he announced that he will continue being Mayor until the end of the term, “as I assumed the commitment at the time, and I intend to honour that commitment”.

He will continue as the Local PSOE leader in Mijas. Sanchez also wanted to clarify that it would be unfair to Mijas for him to resign after winning the upcoming elections. Sánchez added “to be fair and honest with the citizens is to be sincere and face the situation, tell the truth and be honest with what you do, so I resign as candidate so that Fuensanta Lima will have the support of the people of Mijas in the May elections.”

He stated that he had considered being the candidate until the last moment, but “we must be honest and I consider no one is essential in politics, so I thought it was time to step back.”Mijas needs a Mayor who is at 150 percent, and I will carry on working like that until June, but I cannot risk my health much longer,” he said.

In the same way, Sánchez pointed out that the new candidate Fuensanta Lima, who is a current municipal councillor, has the courage and values needed for this post, but also because she has contributed to making Mijas a reference in the Costa del Sol. He added “Fuensanta Lima can do better than me as Mayor, and will be the first woman in this post in our city because I am sure she will win the election.”

He described Lima as a “honest, hardworking, modest, sensitive and committed person, but also she knows what the city needs and will bring freshness and innovation to Mijas” he reiterated the importance of being the first woman to run Mijas because she has also demonstrated her great capacity for work and her personality.”

He recalled that the candidacy of Fuensanta Lima was approved by the Local Executive unanimously, and the PSOE at the provincial level has totally agreed with her selection. He also noted that, on February 7th, the PSOE General Assembly will finally approve the list , on the basis of which PSOE Mijas will take part in the forthcoming municipal elections on May 22nd.

Finally, he said he will continue working to make Mijas is a city of progress, “while my health allows me to do so.” Antonio Sánchez received a warm ovation from those attending the press conference.


Through no fault of the Junta De Andalucia the new rateable values and multiples to create new fiscal property values are blocking sales on the Costa Del Sol. Changes need to be made urgently.
Unless we move quickly this REAL ESTATE stagnation will c…


Crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers can confirm the successful arrest of another of Britain’s most wanted individuals under Operation Captura. [22 December 2010]
Dennis Patrick O’BRIEN (DoB: 28/07/1949) was arrested on Saturday evening (18/12/2010) …


The Homicide Branch of the National Police are investigating a death early Sunday where a young man of 30 years appears to have been killed in an industrial estate on the outskirts of Seville in an act of road rage following a minor altercation.


A 52 year old man has died after his vehicle crashed off the road and fell into a ravine just outside the town of Competa Malaga, according to sources of the Andalusia 112 Emergency System and Traffic Management Centre in Malaga.
The incident occurred…

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