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The body of a British man was found floating in the waters of Purto Banus.
Police are investigating the death but believe the 38 year-old may have been drinking and fallen in to the water as witnesses reported seeing him drunk earlier in the evening….


Heavy rain is being blamed for causing a 51 car pile up in the San José tunnel in Málaga last Saturday.
Fortunately there were no reports of anyone being seriously hurt, with just three people requiring hospital treatment and 12 others …



El Palacio de San Telmo, home of the President of the Junta de Andalucía, has finally opened its doors to the public providing anyone who cares to visit with guided tours. The first such visit took place last week with the visit of students from a number of secondary education institutes Híspalis Seville, Nestor Almendros, Bellavista and Miguel Servet.

The Minister of the Presidency recently announced the implementation of this new initiative in Parliament, which “fulfills the commitment made by the Andalusian government to make the public far more aware of this magnificent building” and ” it’s excellent facilities. ”

The ‘San Telmo’ will open for two days a week, one of which will be a working day which will revolve around any necessary governmental business. On the prescribed day it will open in the afternoons for schools, colleges and other groups. Opening hours on Saturdays for such institutions will be from 10.00 to 14.00 and from 16.00 to 20.00 hours. It will also be open to the general public between these hours but by appointment.

Groups will have a maximum of 30 people and will be led by a guide and explanatory videos will be provided as required.

The rooms that will be included in the visit are the Playa de Carriages, the Court of Honour, the General Assembly Halls, the Hall of the Governing Council, the Courtyard of St. Jerome, the Hall of Mirrors and the Gardens, as well as Capilla del Buen Aire, which underwent a major restoration by the Andalusian Institute of Historical Heritage of Andalusia recently.

The Regional Government has established two methods by which the public can arrange appointments, either by phone 955 00 10 10 or by submitting an email request to the address: visitasantelmo@juntadeandalucia.



Almost 30 tour operators attended the second annual Patronato Provincial de Turismo de Granada held from Wednesday to Saturday last week aimed specifically to promote the city as a ‘Gay Destination’. Thanks to the participation of the operators and media from 14 countries in Europe, Oceania and North and South America the event can now boast to have moved into full internationalization.

While the first edition of the Granada fayre was intended only to introduce itself to the sector and the market, the second has had a strong promotional and commercial purpose to establish the province as a destination for LGBT, a segment of great interest because of its volume and level of expenditure which currently stands 30% above average.

Board vice president, José López Gallardo, said that the aim of the conference is “to strengthen the gay-friendly destination of Granada in catalogs, websites and within the minds of specialised tour operators around the world.”

According to Lopez Gallardo, “the tourist council has decided to hold a second edition of the event following last year’s success, encouraged by the interest of the tourism sector of Andalusia and the support of Turismo Andaluz and Turespaña through the Spanish Offices of Travel abroad. ”

Amongst those involved in organising the event along with Multicolor Travel, were LGBT wholesale agency for Spain and Portugal and the International Association of Gay and Lesbian Tourism (IGLTA), that brings to 2,000 travel professionals into the region from across the world.

The sessions were developed in the form of specialized familiarisation tours, in which all participants enjoyed and learnt about tourism in Granada and its regions so enabling them to be in a position to brief intended travelers and retailers on their return to their countries of origin.

The promotional program included visits to the Science Park and the Alhambra, a scenic flight by plane around the province, a 4×4 driving expedition into the Gorafe desert, cave accommodation, a tour of many local towns and a visit to the Costa Tropical. Most meals and accommodation was provided in ‘gay-friendly’ restaurants and hotels in the province.

Turespaña estimate the average daily expenditure of a tourist LGBT as 120 euros per day. This amount represents 30% more than the figure spent by other types of tourists and is justified by a higher consumption of nightlife and shopping, fashion, technology, health and beauty care.



The annual sports gala to recognise and support local athletes was held at the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Marbella this week.

In a hope of not only recognising the “work and effort of athletes, clubs and local businesses in promoting the sport,” according to the Mayor Ángeles Muñoz, accompanied by councillor for sport Ángel Mora, and other members of the government team.

A total of 14 awards and presented in a ceremony that brought together the best athletes in the town who have raised the profile of the city “in all events you have participated nationally and internationally, obtaining excellent results and giving an example of the excellent facilities we have in Marbella, “said the councillor.

Ángel Mora pointed out that this event “was recovered last year after a long absence” and thanked the dedication and skill of the athletes, clubs and local businesses for their help in promoting sport in.

Special mentions this year went to the Fundación José Banús y Pilar Calvo, Unicaja Obra Social, Certamen Atlético Intercentros, Protección Civil, Cruz Roja Española, Policía Local and Coca Cola.

In addition, the Colegio Swans was honoured as the centre which has succeeded in bringing more sports to more people in the past year.

The winners were chosen by a vote over the Internet and the selection of a jury of local sports journalists and members of the municipal sports group, being awarded the following sports, clubs and local businesses:

– Male Athlete: Enrique Cortés Fortes (Skeet).

– Female Athlete: Azahara Muñoz Guijarro (golf).

– Sportsman Under 20: Alfonso Toledo Hidalgo (athletics).

– Athlete Under 15: Ángel Hidalgo Portillo (golf)

– Athlete with Disability: Javier Mérida Prieto (triathlon).

– Women’s Team: Conjunto infantil Club Gimnasia Rítmica Marbella.

– Men’s Team: Equipo infantil Marbella Rugby Club.

– Support: Fundación José Banús y Pilar Calvo.

– Sports Authority: Marbella Rugby Club.

– Labor de Cantera: CD Triatlón Marbella.

– Sporting Event: X Torneo Homenaje Andrés Fuentes-CD Costa del Voley.

– Sports Legend: Salvador Gil Machuca ‘Moñi’.

– Technical Sports: Patricia Rojano Ruiz (RG).

– Means of Communication (voted by Internet only): Marbella Express.



The city of Marbella has purchased a machine to improve the maintenance of artificial turf on soccer fields in the municipality. It is a multifunctional diesel tractor that will maintain the fields quicker than before and keep them in a working condition for longer.

Sports councillor, Ángel Mora, handed over the morning the machine this week, saying “after two years of work in completing the installation of artificial turf fields around the town, we bought this multifunction machine that serves, among other things, to comb, unpack and clean synthetic surfaces “.

Ángel Mora went on to say that this continual investment has highlighted the “efforts being made by the council to ensure that Marbella has the best sports facilities” and stated that “thanks to machines like this, the fields will last longer and will be better.”

The presentation was also attended by a representative of local company Riego Verde SA, Carlos Torres Carlos, who explained that “this is a market leading machine, which can attach various accessories to complete a multitude of functions, making it one of the most versatile and best performing there is available.”


Marriage in Málaga doesn´t last as long as other places in the region, as proven by the Instituto Andaluz de Estadística in a recent survey.
Rather than until death, marriage in Málaga is likely to last 14.3 years, although…


The Sindicato Médico de Málaga (Medical Association of Malaga), reported on the suspension of at least 15 medical operations this week in Ronda, due to a lack of anesthetists.
Three operating rooms were closed in total, one used for tre…

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