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Bidding on Corvera Airport Management Suspended Pending Investigation

The bidding process for the tender to run Corvera Airport has been suspended after a complaint from AENA, who are the operators of the existing Murcia regional facility at San Javier, as protests continue in support of keeping San Javier open. AENA, who run the vast majority of the country’s airports, including Alicante-Elche, and are

First Bidder to Run Corvera Airport

The current operators of San Javier airport are to launch a bid to run the new facility at Corvera, with reports  suggesting that they will drop their bid for compensation over San Javier’s closure, fuelled by a new runaway being built there a few years ago. AENA, who also run Alicante-Elche airport, are said to

Bidding Will Open for Corvera Airport Management Contract

Murcia’s regional government is going ahead with tendering the management contract for Corvera airport, even though no deal has been reached with San Javier’s operator, AENA, over any timetable to close it down, in addition to compensation payments over a new runway installed there a few years ago.   The 25-year management contact for Corvera

“Without Barriers” Service at San Javier Airport Helps Passengers with Reduced Mobility

Over 14,000 passengers who needed help to board flights at San Javier airport used the special “Without Barriers” service at the facility last year, according to airport operator AENA. The service is provided at all AENA airports, including Alicante-Elche, with two easily identifiable desks at San Javier, which people can report to for help. AENA

Plans for San Javier Airport Closure Embroiled in Compensation Rows

Plans to close San Javier airport in favour of the new facility at Corvera, which has yet to appoint a management company, appear to still be mired in a row over compensation with San Javier owner, AENA. Murcia’s regional works and development minister, Pedro Rivera, initially said that AENA had agreed to close their operations

Up And Away

Alicante-Elche airport saw another big rise in passenger numbers last month, with an 18 percent hike on the figures from September 2015. Airport owner AENA said that almost one point three million passengers used the facilities at El Altet, with a cumulative annual total for the first nine months of 2016 hitting a record-breaking nine

Flying Home

Alicante-Elche airport passenger numbers are continuing to set records month by month with the August figures showing a 14.8 percent rise on travellers compared to a year ago. Close to one and a half million people passengers used the facility at El Altet last month, an August best, with eight point four million people using the airport

Sky High Figures

A total of 5,544 aircraft movements, with 882,347 seats, saw the busiest Monday of the year in the Spanish airport network. Coinciding with the early August weekend when many inland tourists return home, to...


Ana Pastor in Cartagena

Ana Pastor, the Minister of Development, said last week that agreement has now been reached with operator AENA for the closure of San Javier Airport.

She said that the operator had accepted the draft submitted to them by the Autonomous Community outlining the stepts that will effect closure of the popular airport.

However she also stated that “It still depends on legal services, but for my part, everything is OK.” The statement was made during the Minister’s visit to Cartagena where she was meeting with City officials to discuss the progress of the AVE High Speed Train.

She said that the agreement provides for a period of six months between the opening of Corvera Airport and the closure of San Javier, as well as agreement to, and payment of, the compensation to Aena for the investments they have made in San Javier.

On the subject of the AVE the Minister said that it would arrive in Cartagena toward the end of next year, emphasizing that there is still a great deal of work to be carried out before the high speed network can connect the city with Madrid.

The new network will shorten the route between Cartagena and the capital by half hour, with a maximum travel time of 3.05 hours. It will also allow connection to the Mediterranean Corridor.

Spain is the second most advanced country in the world and the first in Europe in High Speed and it has the most modern and technologically advanced fleet of trains on the continent.

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