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La Policía Nacional desarticula un grupo itinerante especializado en el robo con fuerza en oficinas y viviendas

Foto relacionada con la nota de prensa§ Los cinco integrantes han sido arrestados en Madrid, su base de operaciones, aunque se les imputan un total de 7 robos cometidos en la capital y también en Barcelona y Alicante
§ En los días previos al robo visitaban la vivienda u oficina objetivo disfrazados de técnicos de telefonía o de compañías de alarmas, incluso con falsos carnés de esas empresas para identificarse. Bajo el pretexto de labores de mantenimiento, aprovechaban para estudiar con detalle el tipo de alarma, la ubicación de la centralita y de la caja fuerte

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Slight Rise in Short and Long-Distance Train Ticket Prices

High-speed AVE train ticket costs for services between Alicante, Villena, and Madrid, and those across the country, plus those for general long-distance journeys have gone up by one percent, in the first rise in five years. Rail company RENFE says that only the basic price of these two types of train journey will be affected,

Foto relacionada con la nota de prensa

Medieval Market Takes Over Orihuela City Next Weekend

Orihuela Council have pocketed 24,000 euro over the staging of next weekend’s Medieval Market in the city, thanks to the Asociación Sólo Artesanos making a 24,000-euro bid on a minimum six-thousand-euro tender. The event returns to the first weekend of February (Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th), after the Market was mired in controversy last year

Abusers Arrested

Two men, aged 53 and 23, have been arrested by the National Police in Alicante in connection with the suspected sexual abuse of a 15-year-old boy. One of the individuals ran an internet forum by which he befriended the teenager, and met him in secluded places around the area including a deserted building in San

Courts Award Orihuela Grandma Custody of Granddaughter After Mother Is Murdered

An Alicante court has officially ratified the decision to give an Orihuela woman custody of her five-year-old granddaughter, who was left orphaned after her father murdered her mother two years ago. Maruja Cuenca, 63, had been caring for Mari Carmen since the child’s mother, Maruja’s daughter, was killed by her violent husband, but Orihuela Social

Nine Immigrants Rescued and Brought to Torrevieja

A maritime coastguard boat has rescued nine people from a boat off the coast of the Alicante province on Saturday morning, transferring them to Torrevieja to be dealt with. Those rescued are said to have originated in Ghana and were heading to Spain to start a new life. The Salvamento Maritimo crew delivered the rescued

Young Woman Dies in Fatal Car Accident Near Elche

An 18-year-old Crevillente woman died in a car accident on the AP-7 in the Elche area last Friday evening. She was travelling in a van towards Alicante with two relatives when the vehicle hit the central reservation. She got out of car, but was then run over by a vehicle as she walked into the carriageway.

Four Thousand Counterfeit Cigarettes Seized at Alicante Port

Over four thousand packets of illegally produced cigarettes have been seized by the Guardia Civil in Alicante in two operations. A 44-year-old Algerian arrived by ferry from North Africa and told customs officials that he had nothing to declare in a nervous manner, after he wanted to pass the various checkpoints quickly. Nine hundred and

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