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European Police Investigation Leads to Five Arrests for Cyber-Hacking Crimes

The National Police have linked up with their UK colleagues to arrest five men on cyber-hacking charges, with three people detained in Spain in swoops in Barcelona and the Canary Islands. The group were developing and selling sophisticated software to provide ‘invisibility’ to all types of malicious computer malware which had the potential to affect countless computers around the

Square Eyed

Spain is television crazy, with average figures showing that people watch TV for 226 minutes a day, putting it in one of the highest viewing brackets in the world. Figures from Kantar Media say that the Costa Blanca and the Valencia region are the hotbed for viewing, with the largest amount in Spain, clocking in


Visitors to the Canary Island of Gran Canaria may be forgiven for thinking that it is a non-stop party island. The recent successful vote in Ireland for equal marriage, the Eurovision Song Contest and Maspalomas Pride have created an atmosphere of one …


I received an invitation to visit the dentist today. Nothing unusual in that maybe, since I seem to have had a rapid succession of appointments with the dentist since that unfortunate incident with a peanut and excessive turbulence on an internal fligh…

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