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Russian Pensioner Detained at Alicante Airport with 100,000 Euro in His Jacket

A 67-year-old Russian man was stopped from flying out to Berlin from Alicante-Elche airport, after was found to have 100,000 euro in his jacket.   The elderly traveller had two hundred 500-euro notes sewn into the inner-lining of his jacket, with the Guardia Civil suspecting that he and the money would have eventually ended up

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Ex-IMF Boss Receives Four-Year Jail Sentence for Embezzlement While in Charge of Two Spanish Banks

The ex-boss of the International Monetary Fund, Chief Rodrigo Rato, has been sentenced to four-and-a-half years in jail for misusing corporate credit cards while in charge of two leading Spanish banks at the height of the country’s financial crisis. Rato, a former economy minister and deputy prime minister, was found guilty of embezzlement at the

Limit Changes

The British Government has announced plans to scrap the current 15-year time limit on British citizens who live in Spain registering as overseas electors. The changes would give all eligible British citizens who have lived in the UK a lifelong right to vote in parliamentary elections. It would mean all eligible overseas electors are able

Torrevieja Agrees to Refugee Assistance

The Department of Equality in the Valencia Regional Government has agreed with the EU requirements to immediately agree on a calendar with all member states for the distribution and reception of Syrian refugees, and not delay the decision until November, The local governments of the five biggest cities in the region, Valencia, Alicante, Castellon, Elche

Using Headlights During the Day

Follower question: What is the rules regarding having your lights on during daytime when driving through road works? These days we see a lot of cars travelling during the day with their lights on already, but these lights are usually Read More …

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