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Orihuela mayor, Monserrate Guillen, appeared alongside Councillor Bob Houliston, in front of the European Parliament Committee on Petitions on Tuesday

Orihuela mayor, Monserrate Guillen, appeared alongside Councillor Bob Houliston, in front of the European Parliament Committee on Petitions on Tuesday to whom he requested that an environmental impact statement be prepared on behalf of the proposed construction work at Cala Mosca

He said that the statement should insist that any work carried out on the site respects the area as a habitat of endemic species of flora and fauna which must not be threatened in any way.

Guillen referred in his testimony to the species ‘jarilla’ or ‘cat head’ and ‘tudorella mauretanica’, that have been protected both at European and at National level.

He also asked that the many other “interesting” species of wildlife and fauna be provided with equal protection with the protection of the coastal strip between Punta Prima and Rambla de Cala Mosca and that it be declared a ‘microreserve flora’.

Guillen asked the commission to continue the proceedings with the environmental impact statement that is now required by urban developer who plans to build about 2,000 homes in this area as “the planned development projects” have not presented any statements regarding the impact the development will have on the local environment.

The Los Verdes MEP, Iñaki Irazabalbeitia Ale, also requested that the Commission asks the Government to send a letter in which they explain that the research process of the European Parliament will continue. The request was accepted by all groups represented in the committee.

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Rabaloche Health Centre

Representative of the Compromís group in Orihuela, Mireia Mollà, is demanding that the minister for health, Manuel Llombart, takes urgent action regarding building the outstanding health centre of Rabaloche. Mollà says that the neighbours of the area have been waiting “too long” and faced nothing but “false promises” from the PP government, after the original building was closed in 2003, and was budgeted for in 2011, but removed the next year, which shows “This lack of political will by the Valencian Government translates into more than 25,000 people having to be treated in barracks”, and that there “cannot be any more excuses for the implementation of this health center”, and to say that the PP government will “perhaps begins to build it within a year and a half is an insult to the citizens”.

Residents of the Pilar neighbourhood of Pinar de Campoverde will be able to take advantage of having a primary care doctor based in their health centre from this week, after the council made various changes in order to ensure that the department of health in Torrevieja were able to provide the required staff. The mayor, José Fidel Ros, visited the office along with the medical director of Primary Care Department, Hipólito Caro, in order to study the infrastructure and optimise the space to meet the needs of a population that has increased in this area. Hipólito Caro said that “this action is part of the commitment of Torrevieja Salud with the town of Pilar de la Horadada and the Consistory to meet the care needs of the population”. The new doctor will take care of about 500 health cards and will result in the medical facilities opening for two days a week.

The Asociación de Vecinos de San Miguel de Salinas are once again calling for the department of health to reinstate one of the Doctors removed from their health centre as a cost saving exercise. The group are demanding that the government satisfy the requirements of providing health care to the community.

The Spanish National transplant organisation, the ONT, have this week broken the record for the number of organ transplants performed in a single day. From a total of 16 donors, 2 of whom were living, Spanish doctors transplanted 26 kidneys, 10 livers, 5 hearts, 3 lungs and a pancreas, in operations performed in 22 hospitals from 11 autonomous regions. The 45 transplant record beats the 36 previously recorded.

Torrevieja Hospital has received yet another award for excellence, having been announced the winner for the best clinical professional session presented during 2013. A number of doctors from the hospital were present in accepting the award which honoured a paper entitled “Viewpoints,” a case of multidisciplinary approach that addresses myasthenia gravis”, which was aimed at strengthening and energizing the “concept of quality care, research and teaching”, through customization in assisting patients.

Accompanied by banners calling for the “right to live with dignity” for pensioners and retirees, a large group of people concentrated in Torrevieja´s Plaza de la Constitución on Thursday to protest against the “attacks” by Spain´s central government against the rights to pensions and retirement through the labour reforms, particularly complaining over the loss of purchasing power and pharmacist repayment.

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