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A talk will be held on Friday the 3rd of May at the Orihuela Costa civil centre, introducing and explaining the concept of “Fair Trade” to the residents of the coast. For several years now information and activities about “Comercio Ju…

Official repatriation of tapestry stolen from cathedral in Roda de Isábena and signing of Memorandum of Understanding between Spanish National Parks Authority and United States

17/04/2013. At the Spanish Embassy in Washington on Wednesday, an official ceremony was held to return a tapestry known as “De la Virgen y San Vicente” that was stolen in 1979 from the old Cathedral in Roda de Isábena (Huesca). The discovery and recovery of the tapestry was made possible by investigations carried out by the Spanish Guardia Civil as part of Operation TELAR, which led to the seizure of the tapestry in Houston (Texas) in November 2012.


The Guardia Civil still looking for the alleged perpetrator of a stabbing incident that occurred on Saturday afternoon in Pilar de la Horadada.
A brawl occurred at 7.30 pm on Saturday evening between two people, said to be of Arab origin. They were a…


A 45 year old man in has been arrested by the Guardia Civil, on suspicion of killing his 46 year old wife, dismembering her and disposing of her remains through an animal cremation services.
The detainee, originally from Argentina, runs a veterinary c…


President of the Barcelona Meeting Point (BMP), Enrique Lacalle, has denounced the recent Russian property exhibition in Torrevieja as a “scam”, and has issued several letters to the city council to take action “against those who in o…



A 14 year old child, together with her father and her uncle, died when their plane crashed on Tuesday lunchtime after taking off from the Muxtamel airfield. The crash took place in an adjacent olive field and all three were killed instantly.

The causes are still unknown although early indications point to either a mechanical failure or fuel problem, which would have forced the aircraft, piloted by the uncle, to attempt an unsuccessful emergency landing. The incident has caused deep dismay in Ibi, since the father and daughter lived in the town, while his uncle resided nearby in Alicante.

The accident occurred at 12.37 hours in a small hamlet, Paraeta Espí, about 500 meters from the town of Ibi and near the road that provides access to Xorret de Cati. Also nearby is the village school, which was closed on Tuesday because of the public holiday.

The plane, which had taken off from the airfield at Mutxamel, crashed into an olive grove adjacent to an unoccupied building currently under construction.

The plane hit a large rock with the impact breaking the cabin in two. It is understood that the violent impact of the crash completely destroyed the aircraft which was blown up into numerous pieces, the wreckage being scattered over a radius of a hundred yards.

The alarm was raised by local residents who immediately called 112. The Guardia Civil, Local Police, fire and ambulance, were on the scene within minutes but they could do nothing for the three occupants of the plane who were all declared to be dead at the scene. Also in attendance were members of the judicial police, who carried out an inspection of the area.

The removal of the bodies occurred shortly before four in the afternoon, when they were transported to the Forensic Anatomical Institute of Alicante, where the three autopsies are expected to be carried out.

Several eyewitnesses, said that the plane was circling the area for some minutes without a fixed course. “I was surprised that it flew so low,” said one bystander, “and I had the feeling he was looking for a place to land.” “When the aircraft eventually hit the ground the impact was brutal.”

The three casualties have been identified as Jose Antonio Perez, 49, his daughter Belen, 14, and the girl’s uncle, Ricardo, 46, who was also a flight instructor and who was piloting the aircraft.

The father was a native of Onil, but resided in Castlebar for many years with his wife and daughter. Meanwhile, according to information provided, the uncle lived in Alicante.

According to a neighbor the plane ride was a father’s day gift which was to be used to take aerial photographs of their homes and the surrounding villages.

The President of the Mutxamel airfield, Israel Martinez-Campos Barroso, expressed his sadness for the tragic accident. He said the pilot had a great deal of flying experience and routinely flew every week. “We have spoken to witnesses who saw the accident and each one tells us something different. Some say the engine stopped while others say it wasn’t a mechanical problem,” he said. “We will have to wait for the findings of the accident investigators.” All the evidence collected so far is from non-experts so a lot of what we have been told is pure speculation”.

The stricken plane had a capacity of four seats and was built in 1979. According to the president, the engine was replaced three and a half years ago, so it was said to be in perfect condition.

This is the second death from Muxtamel airfield in less than one year after an Alicante pilot died when crashing his ultralight into the mountains of Alzira on June 13. That aircraft was much lighter causing it to flip over several times after suffering a gust of wind until it finally plunging to the ground.

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The Guardia Civil arrested a 40 year old man, with the initials JAMR, a resident of Pinos Puente in Granada, after he was suspected of stealing 3,500 kilos of canned tuna from a truck parked in a service area. Officers from a USECIC unit of the corps …

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