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More than fifty vendors and customers gathered to show their opposition to the racist attitudes

Moroccan vendors and customers protested last week about the continuing police raids on the market at El Olivo de Catral and the continual obstructions that are preventing them from obtaining operating licenses

Market Vendors stopped trading for half an hour, gathering to protest against what they see as “racist persecution.” They claim to be suffering from constant raids that are aimed purely at putting the market out of business.

Although the Islamic community in the Vega Baja, are not usually not known for their demonstrations there were more than fifty vendors and customers who gathered to show their opposition to the racist attitudes they consider are being shown by the Guardia Civil. A large sign was placed at the entrance to the market that bore the message “The Moroccan community suffers abuse and contempt in this market.”

There were many others carrying placards with phrases like “Racism is like judging the value of a book by its cover.”
The facility manager, Bouzza Amal, said that the market has suffered numerous raids, most recently on Sunday when Civil Guard officers once again visited the site demanding trading licenses from all the merchants and identification documents from most of the customers, which he said is not within its competence.”

This market operates on an undeveloped farm and began operations two years ago. The owner then initiated procedures required by the Government to regulate the activity through a “special plan on undeveloped land.” Since then he has submitted numerous documents and plans relating to the environment, noise, archaeological, scenic and traffic.

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The wildlife and animal protection arm of the Guardia Civil, SEPRONA, have launched a search around the town of Majada Vieja, near Mijas, after receiving “quite credible” reports of a large reptile wandering around a local lagoon.


A large digger pulled down the structure

Just a few metres from the beach of El Bobar, there was much nostalgia and sadness at the former glory of the old Civil Guard barracks as the building was reduced to rubble in just one hour.

A large digger pulled down the structure, ancient timbers and all, that had formerly warmed the agents on cold winter nights.

The stables, which no longer form part of the new Guardia Civil requirements, have also disappeared from the edge of the road leading to the Almeria University.

The isolated buildings, including greenhouses, had accommodated a corporal and seven guards since before the Spanish Civil War. It’s demolition is part of the maintenance and conservation work that is currently being carried out on the coast of Almería by the Directorate General of Coasts .

Almería provincial chief of the Coasts, Miguel Angel Castillo said that “after the demolition we will remove all of the debris and clean up the area around the former building.”

Castillo also said that “although we have not yet determined what use is going to be given to he plot it is currently a matter that is under consideration. The reason for demolishing the old structure is purely safety. The building has been abandoned for some time and there is a continual risk that anyone breaking in or just looking around the site could suffer a serious accident.”


Visits to the area have been made on previous occasions and warnings issued but apparently to little avail.

An unannounced visit to San Pedro Creek by the Guardia Civil, the Environmental and Local Police at the weekend was not good news for the holidaymakers who had set themselves up a makeshift campsite on the beach. 172 of them were served with a denuncia for illegal camping while 3 others will be prosecuted for selling products without permission

San Pedro Creek is one of the most emblematic beauty spots in the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata-Nijar, and last July all interested parties, including the owner of the adjacent farm, reached an agreement for its management this summer.

Following the arrival of a large number of holidaymakers, campers and travellers recently there have been a large number of complaints submitted to the local authorities by residents. Visits to the area have been made on previous occasions and warnings issued but apparently to little avail.

The deputy Minister in Almeria, Andres Garcia Lorca, said that all three administrations (Central Government, Regional Government and City of Níjar) are working in a coordinated manner when conducting inspections in the area, and this was the case at the weekend when a decision was taken to involve the police.

Garcia Lorca said that 172 prosecutions of illegal camping were made and 3 others of selling products without permission. The deputy also pointed out that there were several cases where tents had to be physically removed as owners had apparently ‘gone missing.’

“These visits and inspections will continue throughout the summer months,” he said “when they are least expected.”

And it will be in September or October when the three governments meet to take stock of these initial activities and to plan the next step.

“We try to ensure that spaces such as the natural park are available to everyone. We all have a right to freely use these public spaces which the campers were making it impossible for the general public to do.”

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