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Minister for Industry, Energy and Tourism opens business forum in Algeria together with his Algerian counterpart

15/04/2013. The Minister for Industry, Energy and Tourism, José Manuel Soria, officially opened the Spain-Algeria Business Forum on Monday, a forum organised by business associations from the two countries, together with the Algerian Industry, SME and Investment Promotion Minister, Chérif Rahmani. The forum takes place within the excellent health of bilateral relations between Spain and Algeria, following a number of other meetings between the two countries, and seeks to further develop the positive relations between the Spanish and Algerian business communities.


The National Office of Statistics has informed the Mijas Town Hall that 14.000 inhabitants may be removed from the “padrón” (official list of inhabitants) because no modifications have been made by them in the past 5 years.

Those who are not in the padrón are not considered inhabitants of Mijas and as such, will not be able to receive any benefits.

Please come to Mijas Town Hall Foreigners Department or the Town Hall Branch Office in Las Lagunas or La Cala in order to update your registration (empadronamiento) BEFORE OCTOBER 31st 2012. You only need to bring your passport and NIE number. This is free of charge and will only take you a few minutes.

You can also take this opportunity to check your address and leave your telephone and email. We insist on the importance of registering and urge everyone to be included on the padron.

What is the Padron?
The “Padrón” is the list of all the people who live in a certain town. “Empadronarse” is the act of registering yourself on this list with your local Town Hall.

Who should register?
Officially all residents in Spain are required by law to register on the padrón, yet many still have not done so. The padrón is the way the Town Hall knows how many people live in their area, without entering into investigations as to a person’s official residence status or financial affairs. The information provided at registration is confidential and protected by data protection laws.

What are the benefits?
Discount on Municipal Rates. The Town Hall offers discounts on the rates bill to all property owners that are registered on the padron.

Better public services: The Central Government allocates money to the different municipalities according to how many people are on the Padrón. Therefore, if you are not registered, your town hall is losing money for the provision of health centres / doctors, police officers, fire fighters and schools.

Access to benefits and social care: You must be on the Padrón for a certain period of time to take advantage of some income-related benefits and other aspects of social care available through social services at your Town Hall. Those on the Padrón can often enjoy discounted courses, leisure and cultural activities run by the Town Hall.

Voting rights: In order to register to vote in local or European elections, you must first be registered on the Padrón as this is where the Census office in Malaga get their information to make up the electoral roles. When you register, make sure that you also ask for the form to apply for your desire to vote in these electoral procedures.

Day to day life: Because this document is your official proof of address, you will need your Padrón certificate to carry out almost any administrative task, such as registering for healthcare, registering your car with Spanish number plates or any procedure carried out at the Traffic Headquarters; enrolling your children for Spanish schools etc…

For all the above reasons, we would like to encourage Mijas residents and property owners to register on the padron before the end of October. It is a very simple procedure that can be carried out in the Mijas Foreigner’s Department or in the Town Hall Branch Offices of La Cala or Las Lagunas. You have to take your rates receipt, original passports and Residence / NIE numbers.

If you have any doubts, you can contact the Mijas Foreigner’s Department on
952 58 90 10 or via email frd@mijas.es


FARE is the organizer of the conference although some funding has been provided by the Ministry of Health and Social Services.

Rehabilitated Alcoholics in Spain, (FARE), have chosen to celebrate their XLI National Congress in the town of Mojacar. The event is to be held at the Hotel Best Mojacar from 10-14 October under the theme ‘Living without alcohol. Another way of life’.

This annual event will bring together about 400 recovered alcoholics and their families. “This is a living and learning journey to discuss those issues of most concern to those affected by alcoholism”, as highlighted by the Federation of Rehabilitated Alcoholics Spain.

FARE is the organizer of the conference although some funding has been provided by the Ministry of Health and Social Services.

During these five days there will be a variety of presentations given by health professionals who regularly participate in such conferences and symposia. The conference will address the issue of alcoholism from a number of different perspectives.

Será Manuel Lucas, a sexual therapist and former delegate of Health in the Government of Andalusia will give the first presentation on the afternoon of the 10th although the official opening will take place the next day.

The second day of the conference will see workshops entitled ‘Sexuality’, ‘How are we related?’ , ‘Alcoholism and its lasting effects’, ‘So what are addictions?’ and ‘psychiatric illness and alcoholism’ and then after a rest day the national conference will resume on October 13, when the topics to be covered will include ‘Alcohol and traffic’, ‘Dependent Women.

An experience of intervention in a support group ‘,’ Social consequences of alcoholism ‘,’ Mindfulness’ and ‘How to eat better?’


On Friday 6th January 2012 we will be enrolling new members for courses and Monthly lectures the period from January till May 2012 for only 15 Euro’s.
The enrolment will take place at the Ark Christian Fellowship Hall between 11.00 and 13.00 in Las …


The Party Secretary General reading out the press release

The local Executive of the PSOE, which met on 1st February, unanimously elected Fuensanta Lima as the Mayoral Candidate for the forthcoming municipal elections in 2011, Sanchez will continue as Mayor until the end of the legislature.

The leader of the PSOE in Mijas, Antonio Sánchez Pacheco announced officially that he will no longer head the list of candidates to become Mayor of Mijas at the upcoming municipal elections due to medical advice because of a congenital heart condition. Above all he thanked the people from Mijas who supported him when he took over the government of the Town Hall, his fellow party members, employees at the Town Hall and added “being Mayor is a fascinating task and it has been a pride and an honour to be Mayor of Mijas, Málaga’s third largest city.”

Sanchez was accompanied and supported by a large number of members of the PSOE in Mijas and councillors at Mijas Town Hall. He pointed out that he is resigning from being the candidate because “of the responsibility I owe to my family and myself” and of course, “nobody is indispensable in politics” though, he announced that he will continue being Mayor until the end of the term, “as I assumed the commitment at the time, and I intend to honour that commitment”.

He will continue as the Local PSOE leader in Mijas. Sanchez also wanted to clarify that it would be unfair to Mijas for him to resign after winning the upcoming elections. Sánchez added “to be fair and honest with the citizens is to be sincere and face the situation, tell the truth and be honest with what you do, so I resign as candidate so that Fuensanta Lima will have the support of the people of Mijas in the May elections.”

He stated that he had considered being the candidate until the last moment, but “we must be honest and I consider no one is essential in politics, so I thought it was time to step back.”Mijas needs a Mayor who is at 150 percent, and I will carry on working like that until June, but I cannot risk my health much longer,” he said.

In the same way, Sánchez pointed out that the new candidate Fuensanta Lima, who is a current municipal councillor, has the courage and values needed for this post, but also because she has contributed to making Mijas a reference in the Costa del Sol. He added “Fuensanta Lima can do better than me as Mayor, and will be the first woman in this post in our city because I am sure she will win the election.”

He described Lima as a “honest, hardworking, modest, sensitive and committed person, but also she knows what the city needs and will bring freshness and innovation to Mijas” he reiterated the importance of being the first woman to run Mijas because she has also demonstrated her great capacity for work and her personality.”

He recalled that the candidacy of Fuensanta Lima was approved by the Local Executive unanimously, and the PSOE at the provincial level has totally agreed with her selection. He also noted that, on February 7th, the PSOE General Assembly will finally approve the list , on the basis of which PSOE Mijas will take part in the forthcoming municipal elections on May 22nd.

Finally, he said he will continue working to make Mijas is a city of progress, “while my health allows me to do so.” Antonio Sánchez received a warm ovation from those attending the press conference.


A 30 year old woman is in critical condition after she had a head on collision with another vehicle in Mijas.
Sources at the Marbella Hospital describe her condition as ‘very serious’ and she was admitted to the intensive care unit. The 20 year…

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