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“What should we do with alcohol?”. This is the slogan of the latest advertising campaign of the Foundation for Help Against Drug Addiction (FAD in Spanish),

intended to raise awareness about the consumption of alcohol, which causes many more problems than all illegal drugs combined. Spirits are the most consumed among the population aged 15 to 64 years, fringe where 78.7 % consumed alcohol, last year in Spain. This is the first FAD advertising campaign dedicated to the prevention of alcohol consumption.

Moreover , ad campaigns , which are being issued in the United States, take hold of guilt to warn about the problems of alcohol abuse. These actions may have the opposite effect, encouraging excessive drinking. That is what follows from the results of a new research conducted at the University of Indiana.

The study has shown that the ads analyzed, rather than achieve the desired effect, activate an innate mechanism to overcome tensions, which leads consumers to distance themselves from the serious consequences involved in the abuse of alcoholic beverages.

The campaigns that advise a responsible drinking are a key task from various institutions. However, excessive drinking remains a serious problem that is killing many people. In the U.S. alone, the annual figure is about 79,000 consumers.

“These ads can end up doing more harm than good, because they have the potential to stimulate more the behavior you want to avoid”, says Adam Duhachek, professor of marketing.

Duhachek’s research explores the campaigns against alcohol criticizing the adverse outcomes of excessive consumption. These messages are very difficult to process for those already experiencing these emotions, for example, who have already committed offenses related to alcohol.

Consumers assume that “other people” and not themselves will suffer these negative aspects. The result is that they fall even more in the irresponsible alcoholic beverage consumption.

Author and journalist Clemente Ferrer has led a distinguished career in Spain in the fields of advertising and public relations. He is currently President of the European Institute of Marketing.

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