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The Havana was heard at the Headquarters of the European Parliament in Brussels last week, the very first time ever, on the occasion of the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the International Contest of Habanera and Polyphony of Torrevieja

The ceremony took place in front of a large number of Spanish MEPs, Pilar del Castillo, who was a former Spanish Minister of Education, Culture and the Director of the Cervantes Institute in Brussels, María González Encinar

The event went along similar lines to that held at the headquarters of the Instituto Cervantes in Madrid a week earlier where the guests heard a short concert “In times of Havana”, sung, under the direction of conductor and composer, Aurelio Martínez López, by representatives from a number of Torrevieja’s choirs.

Oriolana MEP Eva Ortiz, who has been one of the main promoters of this major event, served as host to the salt delegation led by Mayor Eduardo Dolon and Councillor for Culture and deputy Director of Habaneras, Luis María Pizana.

The director of the Cervantes Institute in Brussels, Maria Gonzalez Encinar said at the end of the performance that he had the “very great satisfaction of attendingthe event and that it was now the time to promote the competition worldwide. ”

At the conclusion of the performance the mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolon, presented a number of Literary works and musical scores relating to the history of the competition.

He then met several students studying Spanish who showed interest in learning more about the Havana after being impressed by the quality of the production.

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As protests developed into riots on the streets of Madrid again this month, criticism has been levied towards mainstream media outlets for their largely underplayed coverage, but that same story could be said in a number of hotspots around the world.


Agents from the National Police have arrested 42 people as part of an operation to dismantle a major criminal networks engaged in retail and trafficking of “shabu” in Spain.

Five of the arrests were made in Murcia when agents raided a total of 24 apartments and 2 storage units. The additional arrests took place in Madrid (32) and Barcelona (5) where the operation was carried out in two phases: in December 2013 the arrest of local distributors and then in recent days arrests predominantly of mules travelling through Barcelona airport.

This has been one of the largest busts of this type of drug in Spain.

“Shabu” is a pure methamphetamine, known in Asia as the “drug of the poor.” It crosses the blood–brain barrier and acts primarily upon the central nervous system where it affects brain function, resulting in alterations in perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, and behavior.

Whilst making the arrests Guradia Officers seized 15,000 euros in cash, several handguns, scales, pipes used to inhale the drug, supply bags for pods, torches, roles of silver and other equipment and tools useful to anyone using the substance.

The operation began in July last year with the identification of a number of people from the Philippines who were involved in the distribution and retail of this substance within the Centro of Madrid Chamberí district. In nine months, the investigations then led to the break up of the organization with the arrest of many operating at the lower level in direct sales, and also the complete break up of the organization and the arrests of many of its leaders.

One of the organizations, which focused its activity on the introduction of the drug in Spain, was composed of citizens of African origin, used a front company for the import and export of vehicles used to divert attention. With this cover detainees avoided as they regularly moved between Spain, Italy and Africa giving the appearance of legality to their activities and the income earned.

The detainees, all of Spanish, Filipino and African (Mali, Senegal and Togo) nationality, are charged with crimes against public health, of belonging to a criminal organization and an the alleged crime of illegal possession of weapons.

The investigation was carried out by agents of the Central Police Station, the Judicial Police Provincial Brigade, belonging to the Police Headquarters in Madrid, in collaboration with the Provincial Brigade of the Judicial Police Provincial Brigade in Barcelona and the Police Judicial in Murcia.

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