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Slight Rise in Short and Long-Distance Train Ticket Prices

High-speed AVE train ticket costs for services between Alicante, Villena, and Madrid, and those across the country, plus those for general long-distance journeys have gone up by one percent, in the first rise in five years. Rail company RENFE says that only the basic price of these two types of train journey will be affected,

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La Policía Nacional y la Agencia Tributaria se incautan de cerca de 7.500 plantas de marihuana en tres naves industriales de Madrid

Foto relacionada con la nota de prensaLas instalaciones registradas -situadas en las localidades de Villalbilla, Pinto y Fuenlabrada- estaban perfectamente habilitadas para el cultivo de la droga y conectadas a la red eléctrica de forma ilícita
Los agentes han detenido a dos personas por los delitos de pertenencia a organización criminal, contra la salud pública y defraudación de fluido eléctrico

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Over 50 Georgian Mafia Members Arrested for Robberies Across the Country

The National Police have arrested 61 Georgian mafia members specialising in house burglaries, with a faction operating in Alicante Province. The operation was carried out over the span of several months with the help of Europol, and the French and Georgian police. The criminal organisation consisted of nine groups operating in Madrid, with links to Malaga, Sevilla, Sabadell, Barcelona, and

Schools Less Populated Due to Fewer Children in Spain

The number of youngsters going to school in Spain has dropped by 51 thousand in this current academic year, due to the falling birth rate, according to figures from the education ministry in Madrid. The biggest impact has been in the three to six-year-old group, with statistics showing a reduction of nearly four percent. Experts

Cockroaches for Lunch Anyone?

A lunchbox stuffed with cockroaches was found in a Madrid park last week by local police officers, who then took them to a wildlife centre. Fifty-four cockroaches were found in the discarded container with the insects being up to three inches long.

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