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Chinese Running Criminal Call Centres Arrested

The National Police have arrested more than 200 people of Chinese origin in a crackdown on gangs that ran call centres that swindled 16 million euro from compatriots in China. The police said they had dismantled 13 call centres run out of houses, with over 30 arrests happening in Alicante City and Elche, as well

Juan Ignacio Zoido preside la presentación del Calendario Solidario 2017 de la Guardia Civil y de la Fundación Juegaterapia

El ministro del Interior, Juan Ignacio Zoido, presidirá el lunes, 12 de diciembre, a las 12:00 horas, el acto de presentación del Calendario Solidario 2017 de la Guardia Civil y de la Fundación Juegaterapia, que se celebrará en la sede de la Dirección General de la Guardia Civil, en Madrid.

Parents Jet Off to China Leaving Two Minors at Home

A Chinese couple in Murcia City brought a new meaning to “home alone” when they flew off to their native China, leaving their 15-year-old son and his eight-year-old sister to fend for themselves for at least a month. Teachers at the girl’s school alerted authorities when they saw the child had not washed, was wearing dirty clothes

Independence Protest Staged in Barcelona at Weekend

Around 80,000 people took to the streets of Barcelona on Sunday in a show of support for Catalan leaders locked in a tug-of-war with Madrid over independence for their region. The demonstration aimed in particular at supporting Catalunya’s former president, Artur Mas, and the head of its parliament, Carme Forcadell. In November 2014, they staged


Narcissistic Killer

The Guardia Civil have said that their investigation into a family slaying in the village of Pioz, some 50 kilometres from Madrid, is closed after a man confessed to the killings after he was arrested on his return to the country. François Patrick Nogueira Gouveia, 20, had brought forward his flight to his native Brazil

Bail Granted

A Torrevieja judge has bailed four Lithuanians at three thousand euros each, after they were remanded in custody in July for allegedly being part of a Guardamar and Pilar de la Horadada-based operation that stole Toyota Land Cruiser cars and shipped them to Lithuania. The men have had their passports taken away and will have to report to the authorities every

Catalan Clash

Catalunya’s ban on bullfighting in its region introduced in 2010 has been ruled as illegal by Spain’s constitutional court in what is set to be another major clash between Madrid authorities and Catalunya politicians that are pushing for independence. Nine of the 12 judges ruled that the “preservation of common cultural heritage” was the responsibility

Roll With It

A row over a school’s toilet paper supply has broken out in a Madrid area town, prompting local council officials to step in. The Rafael Garcia Valino primary school in Yepes, some kilometres south of Madrid, recently sent out a list of supplies students need for class this year. Among the pens, notebooks and erasers was an unexpected

Fatal Hit

A 35-year-old man, originally from Jumilla in the Murcia region, died in the early hours of Sunday morning whilst out on his stag do in Madrid. He was hit by a National Police car in the Puerta del Sol square, after he tripped whilst crossing the road. His injuries were so severe that he suffered a fatal

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