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Drug Farms Shut Down

Two indoor marijuana farms have been shut down in separate operations carried out by the National Police in Elche and Orihuela.   277 marijuana plants were found at an Orihuela address with a 49-year-old Spaniard charged with public health offences and illegally using electricity.   The Elche operation uncovered 27 kilos of marijuana ready to

Orihuela Mobile Phone Theft Gang Locked Up

A Romanian couple, aged in their early thirties, have been arrested in Orihuela and charged with stealing top-of-the-range mobile phones in the area, as well as a similar offence in Madrid.   The National Police said that victims were targeted by the couple who spotted them in the street with a phone and then follow

Europe to Act on Cala Mosca

The European Parliament’s Petitions committee is to write to the Valencian Government to make sure that planning permission for homes to be built on Cala Mosca on the Orihuela Costa are within appropriate regulations. The body will also check that all environmental impact reports are acted upon by the builder, but these moves fall short

Calls to Cala Mosca Protest

Orihuela Costa-based neighbourhood groups have called for a demonstration at Playa Flamenca promenade this Sunday morning against plans for a controversial 1,500 home development at Cala Mosca, which they claim would destroy an area of key environmental importance. The protest, which is scheduled to start at 11.30am next to the Correos office, follows Tuesday’s appearance

Orihuela Can´t Afford Flood Coastal Prevention

A plan to stop flooding on the Orihuela Costa caused by heavy storms has been produced by water company Hidraqua, but Orihuela council can’t afford to pay for it. A 12-strong set of proposals was unveiled this week at a presentation involving Hidraqua and council officials, with Orihuela infrastructure councillor, Juan Ignacio López-Bas (pictured on

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Vega Baja Steps Up Promoting the Area to Tourists

“There’s a lot more to the Vega Baja area than just beaches” is the message that local councils are saying in a new move to attract more tourists to explore the inland attractions of the area when they come on holiday.  Orihuela council hosted a meeting of representatives of 27 councils which included  Torrevieja, Pilar

Battle to Save Cala Mosca Enters Decisive Phase

The developer, planning to build 1,500 new houses and apartments on this last kilometre of open, green land on Orihuela Costa, is desperate to get final approval from the Valencia government.   Thanks to the intervention of C.L.A.R.O. and the support of the European Parliament, several years ago, he was obliged to delay building in order

Orihuela Police Clamp Down on Drugged Up Drivers

Orihuela police checks on drugged-drivers yielded 17 people driving at two check points on the coast and in Orihuela city on a training day for officers. The points had been introduced to help the local police through the training process of detecting motorists who are driving when they shouldn’t be, and they produced a high

Torrevieja Has Highest Rate of Domestic Burglaries with Violence in the Alicante Province

Torrevieja had the highest number of domestic burglaries with violence in Alicante Province according to crime figures for 2016 released by the Interior Ministry.  A total of 978 robberies were logged last year, compared to 972 in 2015. In comparison, the Orihuela municipality recorded 453 robberies in 2016. Most crime indicators were up for Torrevieja last

Worker Injured in Roof Fall

A 44-year old man suffered serious injuries in Almoradi on Tuesday when he fell to the ground from a roof that he was working on. The five metre fall happened at around 9.00 am on Calle Perpetuo Socorro when part of the roof collapsed. After initial on-site treatment, the labourer was taken to the Vega

Bulgarian People-Trafficking Gang Operating from Orihuela Arrested by National Police

A five-strong Bulgarian family who enticed fellow Bulgarians to come over to Spain for a new life, and then forced them to beg on the streets, has been arrested by the National Police. Two children and an adult were freed by the authorities, who discovered that they were coerced into asking for money in Orihuela,

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