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British Hikers Require Helicopter Aid in Two Separate Incidents on the Costa Blanca

A 67-year-old British hiker was winched off to safety by a helicopter (pictured) after suffering a 40-metre fall at a northern Costa Blanca beauty spot. The unnamed man was close to the top of the Rock of Ifach in Calpe last Friday morning when he slipped and suffered multiple injuries. A fire rescue helicopter was

Orihuela Costa School Building Work Not Up to Minimum Seismic Standards

Failure of some of the building work to meet minimum seismic standards has led to a delay in  redeveloping the Playas de Orihuela school at La Florida. Nothing has happened on the site this year, and Orihuela council had been told that the “builder might have to make changes to the project”. The parents association

All Change in Almoradi Politics

It’s almost certainly all-change for Almoradi council this Monday, with the Partido Popular set to regain control of the authority, which it lost in the May 2015 local elections. The right of centre PP, with the help of the Ciudadanos centrist party, has put forward a censure motion over the socialist PSOE-led administration under mayor Jaime

San Pedro Resident in Helicopter Rescue

A 34-year-old San Pedro del Pinatar man had to be rescued by helicopter on Saturday, after he fell some 15 metres whilst climbing in the Rut area of the Sierra de Redovan. The climber suffered leg and hip injuries after the knot in the safety rope came undone, with his fellow climber calling the emergency services. A helicopter took

Not Good Enough for Orihuela Costa

A major Orihuela Costa group has slammed Orihuela council and the mayor, Emilio Bascuñana, for failing to deliver on a variety of promises for improvements to the area. La Federación de Asociaciones de Orihuela Costa (FAOC) claims that residents feel let down by the 18-month-old Partido Popular-led administration after being led to believe early on that changes

Unidentified Knocked Down Dog Serves as a Reminder

Orihuela local police have taken to social networks to remind pet owners of the importance of having their animals microchipped. The reminder came about after officers were called to an incident on Wednesday morning in the La Murada area of the municipality, where a dog had been knocked down by a car. Several drivers assisted

British Woman Breaks Leg While Mountain Climbing in Orihuela

A 22-year-old British woman out climbing in the Orihuela municipality on the Sierra de la Muela on Tuesday had to be rescued by helicopter after she broke her leg whilst she was descending down the Pared Negra (Black Wall), which is one of the most dangerous parts of the area for climbers. The woman, who

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