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British Woman Breaks Leg While Mountain Climbing in Orihuela

A 22-year-old British woman out climbing in the Orihuela municipality on the Sierra de la Muela on Tuesday had to be rescued by helicopter after she broke her leg whilst she was descending down the Pared Negra (Black Wall), which is one of the most dangerous parts of the area for climbers. The woman, who

Orihuela Council Official Car Caught Speeding

Mystery surrounds who was behind the wheel of Orihuela council’s official car which was clocked speeding at 14 kilometres over the 120 kilometre an hour limit back in October. Opposition socialist PSOE councillor Victor Ruiz this week asked the PP mayor Emilio Bascuñana (pictured) to identify the speeding driver, but the Mayor said he did

Barriers at Entre Naranjos Urbanisation Entrance Are Illegal

The Entre Naranjos urbanisation has illegally installed barriers and fencing at its entrance, according to a report in the Información newspaper. Orihuela’s urban councillor Begoña Cuartero told Información that the council never got any official submissions sent into it for the barriers and fences to be put up, in addition to them being erected on what is a

Violent Gang in Cartagena Area Arrested

A 12-strong gang of violent robbers who struck at petrol stations and private homes across the Campo de Cartagena have been have been arrested in the area, in addition to one detention in Orihuela. The Guardia Civil say they have evidence of at least 20 crimes including 11 robberies with violence and intimidation, with the male and

Double Trouble

A drunk driver was stopped by the Guardia Civil in a routine check in the Orihuela area last week, and besides being over the alcohol limit, he and his two friends were found to have had 162 grams of amphetamines stuffed down the left side of the car. Suspicious Guardia officers pulled over the car

Safety Call

La Federación de Asociaciones de Orihuela Costa (FAOC) says that a road that goes over the AP-7 is not safe for pedestrians because it hasn’t got a pavement and suffers from poor lighting. The association claims that residents of the Lomas urbanisation at Cabo Roig are taking their life into their hands by walking along

Safe And Sound

There was a happy ending last week to the story of a missing woman who is suffering with Alzheimer’s Disease after she was found by Orihuela local police after spending the night outdoors in the Mudamiento area. The elderly lady was found amongst some reeds after trying to take shelter from some overnight rain, having

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