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President of Murcia Regional Government Quits Amid Corruption Links

Murcia’s under-fire regional government president, Pedro Antonio Sánchez, quit on Tuesday after realising that he had no chance of winning a censure vote in parliament this week. Antonio Sánchez of the Partido Popular, who is facing two separate corruption probes, lost the support of the centrist-Ciudadanos party a few weeks ago over his corruption links,

Torrevieja Council Inherited ‘Financial disaster’ from PP

Torrevieja’s finance councillor, José Hurtado, says that the coalition authority inherited what he described as a “financial disaster” when they took over from the Partido Popular in the summer of 2015.   Hurtado claims that council budgets have been hamstrung by previous late payments and interest provisions, which has meant that the authority has had to cough up nine

Six Torrevieja Opposition Councillors to Pay Back 33,000 Euro in Overpaid Allowances They Didn’t Mention

Six opposition Partido Popular councillors on Torrevieja council will have to pay back a total over 33 thousand euro in overpaid allowances that had accumulated over 16 months.   Torrevieja Mayor, José Manuel Dolón, said that the overpayments were down to a clerical error, and had run until last December, which means that each of

Torrevieja Coalition Government Unlikely to Get Budget Approved

Torrevieja’s coalition council seems unlikely to get a budget passed for 2017, after the two Ciudadanos councillors,  Pilar Gómez Magán and Paqui Parra, said they would not vote for it. Their votes combined with the main opposition Partido Popular would mean that the council’s government team could only get 11 votes, as opposed to the

New Alliance Takes Over in Almoradi Council

Control of Almoradi council switched on Monday as expected with the PSOE-led authority losing control to a Partido Popular/Ciudadanos alliance, following a censure vote. The PP’s María Gómez takes over as mayor from Jaime Perez, with María Quiles of the centre Ciudadanos party becoming her deputy. The change in control happened after Ciudadanos switch their

Torrevieja Bollards Banished

Controversial bollards on Torrevieja’s Calle Caballero de Rodas and in adjacent streets that saw mayor, José Manuel Dolón, suffer a series of punctured tyres in 2015, are being removed by the council. The bollards were put in place seven years ago by the previous Partido Popular administration, with a number of vehicles suffering punctures and

All Change in Almoradi Politics

It’s almost certainly all-change for Almoradi council this Monday, with the Partido Popular set to regain control of the authority, which it lost in the May 2015 local elections. The right of centre PP, with the help of the Ciudadanos centrist party, has put forward a censure motion over the socialist PSOE-led administration under mayor Jaime

Former Adviser to Rojales PSOE Government Still Has Phone Paid For From Public Funds

The opposition Partido Popular group on Rojales council has attacked the Mayor, Antonio Pérez, for allowing a former adviser to the PSOE government team to continue having a mobile phone that’s paid for out of public funds. Pérez says that the adviser is doing unpaid public relations work on behalf of the authority including the

End In Sight

Spain’s acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy accepted King Felipe VI’s request on Tuesday to seek Parliament’s approval to form a government and end the country’s ten months of political deadlock. Rajoy is all but guaranteed to obtain that approval either yesterday or tomorrow (Saturday) following the rival Socialist party’s decision on Sunday to stop blocking

End In Sight

The largest opposition party, the Socialist PSOE, voted on Sunday to allow Mariano Rajoy’s Partido Popular to rule as a minority government, effectively ending 10 months of stalemate. PSOE leaders decided by a majority at their meeting in Madrid to abstain when Mr Rajoy puts his PP government to an acceptance vote in Parliament. The country

You Can’t Make It Up

Partido Popular opposition councillors have called on the Pilar de la Horadada mayor Ignacio Ramos to resign, after an Elche court ruled that the Pilar council will have to pay out two point four million euro to the company involved in a cultural centre project that became a national symbol for mismanagement. In something akin to a comedy film farce,

Black Hole Of Catral

Catral’s mayor Pedro Zaplana has slammed the council’s previous Partido Popular administration for not paying legal fines and settlements when they were in charge, which is leaving the current council budgets short. Independent mayor Zaplana who leads a coalition government team said that all kinds of claims for unpaid building work dating back up to

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