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Ex-Councillor from Pilar de la Horadada Found Guilty of Bribery

A leading ex-councillor in Pilar de la Horadada has been given a two-year jail sentence, after the Provincial Court in Elche found him guilty of bribery after he tried to force a businessman to give him a car worth up to 30 thousand euro in exchange for a municipal contract. Pilar’s former Partido Popular health

Benidorm’s Terra Mítica Cleared of Any Wrongdoing After Teenager Died in Rollercoater Accident

Alicante Provincial Court has cleared Benidorm’s Terra Mitica park of any wrong-doing after an Icelandic teenager died in July 2014, when his safety harness came undone whilst he was riding the Inferno rollercoaster.   The 18-year-old was on holiday in the Torrevieja area with his family, and they had travelled to the theme park for

Romanian Squatter Who Beat Girlfriend to Death Looks at 18-Year Prison Sentence

Prosecutors have called for an 18-year jail term for a Romanian man who confessed to beating his 42-year-old girlfriend to death in El Altet in November 2015, with the trial scheduled to start this week.  The 47-year-old man appeared in a drunken state at an abandoned cottage that they were squatting in and assaulted her

A Costly Cut

A farmer from the northern part of the Valencia region who hacked off his own hand to claim insurance has had a four-year jail sentence reduced by six months after an appeal to the Supreme Court. He will still have to repay the 335 thousand euros in money that insurance companies had so far paid him, after he was


The Ministry of Justice has issued a report contrary to a pardon requested by the former mayor of Torrevieja, Pedro Hernández Mateo, found guilty and convicted in November, 2012, for trespass and forgery in a 100 million euro contract awarded in…


The courts have revisited an historic case in which a former mayor of Orihuela, José Manuel Medina, was listed under the original investigation.
The case, which was nicknamed “caso Orihuela”, investigated alleged irregularities duri…


The Supreme Court has agreed to force the eviction of a married couple from their home in Alicante, who have not paid their rent… Since 1949!
Juan Ll and Consuelo S had moved into the house previously occupied by Juan´s father, who had signed …


The jury sitting in the trial of José Bretón, accused of the murder of his two children, Ruth and José, in October, 2011 in Córdoba, have found him guilty of the crime of murder after deliberating for a number of days this w…

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A trial by jury was launched by the provincial court in Elche on Tuesday, against a Guardia Civil officer who is accused of a crime of bribery, after a Chinese citizen was allegedly asked to pay 200 euro to avoid being arrested. The officer was on duty…

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