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A Fishy Tale

Prosecutors are calling for six year jail terms for a six-strong group of men, some of whom were fishermen, who were involved in shipping vast quantities of hashish into Santa Pola. As reported by The Courier in March, the Guardia Civil and National Police monitored fourteen hundred kilos of the drug landing in the port and was then loaded

Mercury FM Radio Spain

New Laws for Children in Cars

New traffic laws come into force in Spain on 1st October, with the main objective of protecting children in cars. From now on, all children measuring 135 cm in height or less must ride in the rear seats of a vehicle, irrespective of their age, and in addition to the requirements of the correct seat

Children in Cars

New traffic laws come into force this week in Spain, with the main objective of protecting children in cars. As of the 1st of October, all children measuring 135 cm in height or less must ride in the rear seats Read More …

Learn The Lingo!

Torrevieja Mayor In Spanish Call British residents in Torrevieja have been told to learn Spanish by the Mayor, Jose Manuel Dolon, in a bid to stop what he calls “problems and misunderstandings within the local health and social service sectors”. Dolon (pictured third from the left) made the call during a meeting with the British

Tourist Boost

A best-ever figure of 47.2 million foreign tourists visited Spain this year up till the end of August this year, just over four percent more than the same eight months of 2014. There were nine point two million visitors last month, some one point six percent more than August last year. Last month’s figures showed

Old Habits Die Hard

Spaniards who don’t like using cash and credit cards are sitting on around 341 million euros in foreign currency in their homes, according to a survey by Visa Europe. The average Spanish person who goes on holiday to a country that does not use the euro has around 71 euros in currency left over and does not bother

The Ambassador´s Reception

The mayor of Torrevieja, José Manuel Dolón, was amongst delegates at a reception held by the British Ambassador to Spain, Simon Manley, accompanied as usual by the British Consul, Sarah-Jane Morris, which was held in Alicante in order to discuss ways in which the Top Ten Towns favoured by British ex-pats can be more involved

Sad Statistic

Abandoned pets were saved every five minutes in Spain last year, according to the Affinity Foundation study, with over 140 thousand dogs and cats being taken in by the country’s many animal charities. One organisation though believes the real abandonment figure is actually substantially greater. “The reality is far worse and is at least 30%

Ghost Stirs

Ryanair have become the first operator to run scheduled services out of one of Spain’s infamous ghost airports, Castellón, with the first commercial flight into the north Valencian region airport since it opened four years ago. The first service last Tuesday morning flew in from Stansted, with Ryanair launching a thrice weekly service, as well

Dutch Courage

A yacht trying to smuggle in a vast quantity of cannabis into Spain was so full of the drugs that it nearly sank, according to customs officials. Three Dutch nationals were arrested as the vessel was intercepted some 92 kilometres off the coast of Almeria with 10 tonnes of the drug on it. “The drugs


Thousands Aspire to Join the Guardia Civil

A group of aspiring future Guardia Civil officers began their gruelling testing and training regime this week, in the hope of securing a future in the corps in one of 820 places across Spain, including the Alicante province. The recruitment campaign has been the biggest in the last five years with 32,479 candidates applying for

Tourists Injured in N-332 Crash

Four tourists were injured on Monday afternoon when the car they were travelling in left the N-332 main road and ended up in the salt lakes near Santa Pola. The incident occurred at around 17:30 when the foreign driver of the vehicle, who had only just arrived in Spain on that day, said that he

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