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Dodgy Painting

A 31-year-old Nigerian resident of Spain was arrested at Alicante-Elche airport before boarding a Milan-bound flight with 1.6 kilos of cocaine hidden in a painting. The Guardia Civil thought there was something suspicious with the painting when it was going through a scanner and found the drugs stashed in the frame. The Guardia said that

Ruth’s Record

Murcia-based singer and UK X Factor star, Ruth Lorenzo, has set a new world record as she spent a day performing in eight different venues across Spain in a record title attempt to raise money for breast cancer research, as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Ruth, who came fifth in the 2008 series of

Dino Skin Found

A fossil containing skin impressions made by a dinosaur nearly 66 million years ago has been found in Spain. Researchers believe the impressions in the sandstone rock are from the scales of a dinosaur that died in the mud in the Late Cretaceous period. The fossil was discovered by scientists in the Vallcebre near Barcelona,

Catalan Clash

Catalunya’s ban on bullfighting in its region introduced in 2010 has been ruled as illegal by Spain’s constitutional court in what is set to be another major clash between Madrid authorities and Catalunya politicians that are pushing for independence. Nine of the 12 judges ruled that the “preservation of common cultural heritage” was the responsibility

Captura Capture

A suspected British pervert on the run from UK authorities has been arrested less than a day after his picture appeared in the latest Operation Captura list of fugitives trying to escape justice. Matthew Sammon was detained on the Costa del Sol after undercover police swooped on his camper van in the Fuengirola area. He

EUR 320 million VAT fraud: key targets arrested

Yesterday, from a coordination centre located at Eurojust, prosecution and law enforcement authorities from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK, supported by Europol and Eurojust, delivered a further blow to an organised criminal group responsible for defrauding EU citizens of approximately EUR 320 million in a […]

A Decade Of Captura

Ten more of the most wanted British fugitives believed to be hiding in Spain’s expat communities have been revealed in a new appeal by independent UK crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers and the National Crime Agency (NCA). Publication of the latest list coincides with the 10th anniversary of Operation Captura –a multi-agency campaign which has seen 76

Animal Traffickers

A gang which sold exotic pets and other animals to local and national pet shops has been broken up by the Guardia Civil in Alicante. Four arrests were made in Alicante Province, and two in the Murcia region by the Guardia’s environment division, SEPRONA. A whole group of animals was recovered including 25 marmosets that

Noisy Removal

A South American woman was rescued from what is being described as a cult exorcism after her neighbours heard ‘blood-curdling screams’ coming from her flat in northern Spain.  Police were called to the property in Plaza de la Gesta in Oviedo, after reports of a screaming woman. The woman, whose identity is being protected, was taken to

Racket Rumbled

Nine people, including two children, have been arrested in Murcia and Ciudad Real for running a fake 200-euro-note racket including the production and distribution of the counterfeit bank notes. The joint operation between the National Police and the Catalan equivalent of the Guardia Civil, the Mossos d’Esquadra, started in February with reports of fake notes

Let’s Do Lunch

British Prime Minister Theresa May met with Spain’s acting Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy for a working lunch in Madrid yesterday. The talks were dominated by the issue of Brexit with a Downing Street spokesman saying that May made it clear that she wants to protect the rights of all EU nationals, including those from Spain,

Happy Mother

A 62-year-old doctor has given birth to a baby girl by Caesarian section in the city of Lugo, in Galicia. Lina Alvarez made national headlines last month when she revealed that she was pregnant after undergoing fertility treatment. Her pregnancy sparked a debate in Spain as she faced criticism for having a baby in her sixties.

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