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The 'Pascual Flores' is now in dry dock in Algeciras

The ‘Pascual Flores’ has arrived in Algeciras, Spain’s enclave in North Africa, where it will be put in ‘dry dock’ to undergo hull cleaning and painting.

It left Torrevieja last Monday under the command of Captain Manuel Murube Seville, with seven crew, for the journey which lasted two days.

In the usual Spanish fashion the schooner was given a ‘send off’ at a press conference held in Torrevieja Town Hall attended by the mayor, Eduardo Dolon, and the ship’s Captain, the Councillor for Culture, Luis Maria Pizana, and the director of the Nao Victoria Foundation which will be carrying out the work, Jose Fernandez de Cabo.

The mayor said that the overhaul, at a cost of 18,000 euros, will be the first step in making the schooner a little more active on it’s return to local waters.

The work in Algeciras is scheduled to take approximately two months. Once complete it will return to Torrevieja where it will remain under the control of the Nao Victoria Foundation and once again assume its duties as a tourist attraction where it will represent the values, culture and the seafaring history of Torrevieja.

The councilor explained that the schooner could also function as a mobile tourist office for Torrevieja and, in theory, it could promote the city by travelling all over the world.

The director of the Nao Victoria Foundation stressed that the Pascual Flores is in good condition and remains a great attractionl for Mediterranean sailors. He said that it is the intention of the Foundation to show it worldwide.

However two of Torrevieja’s political parties have criticized the possible new status of the schooner.
PSOE spokesman, and candidate for mayor, Angel Saez, said the whole upkeep of the ship has already cost the city far too much from which the citizens are getting very little, if no, benefit. “We have already spent over 5 million euros on it’s upkeep and preservation’ he said, “It is probably worth around 6 million and we need to recover the money it has cost the city, therefore it should be advertised for sale and if somebody wants to buy the boat they should be allowed to do so”.

However José Luis Alarcon, number 6 on the Sueña Torrevieja list of candidates for the forthcoming elections, totally rejected the transfer of assets for the schooner which have been going on for 25 years saying that it will be totally irresponsible to continue with such funding “.

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Saturday and Sunday will see the parade of horses and carriages taking place from about noon

The festivities councillor in the city of Torrevieja, Lola Sánchez Roca, presented this year´s May Fair fiesta schedule, which begins on Wednesday.

Accompanied by the heads of various associations involved in the event, the details for the show that runs until Sunday 10th of May and was declared of provincial tourism interest, was revealed.

One of the highlights this year is an appearance by Spanish duo “Camela”, who will be performing on Friday evening, but throughout the entire event singers and dancers from across the country will come together to perform at the show.

A cash prize of 2,500 euro will be presented to the winner of the competition “Ciudad de Torrevieja” on Saturday, with cash prizes also up for grabs for second, third, fourth and fifth place.

Throughout the event there will also be horse shows with around 300 horses and 30 carriages taking part, primarily on the Saturday and Sunday, and there will also be a range of food and drink stalls in the harbour area, offering much of the usual menu available in the city but in the surroundings of an event that celebrates and recognised the sevillana traditions and has become a firm favourite in the tourism calendar.

The fair will be opened by the mayor at 9pm on Wednesday evening after which there will follow an evening of hymns, habaneras and dance by the Musical Union of Torrevieja and the Choir and Orchestra Salinas.
The Dance Academy’s Dharma and Lynda Dorado will continue the celebrations from 9pm on Thursday evening and then at 11pm on Friday evening the Spanish duo “Camela”.

The activities will continue all day and well into the night on both Saturday and Sunday with the parade of horses and carriages taking place from about noon on Saturday lunchtime until approximately 4pm. The carriages will tour the city, starting and ending round about the paseo. Much of this will be repeated on Sunday in the port area where there will also be a demonstration of riding.

The grand final of the Sevillanas Contest will be at 7pm on Sunday followed by more performances from local dance troupes including Soul Dance, a group which includes many expatriates. And if you are still in a party mood the event will close just before midnight on Sunday

Full details, shown in Spanish below, are available from the tourist information office in the city.

Wednesday 6th May
21.00h. Inauguración y encendido de la Feria.
Interpretación de Himnos a cargo de la Union Musical Torrevejense y el Coro y Orquesta Salinas.
A continuación, gran Castillo de Fuegos Artificiales
21.30h. Actuación de la academia de baile “Sancho y Martinez”
22.30h. Grupo de baile “EMBRUJO” de la casa de Andalucia “Rafael Alberti”
23.30h. Grupo de baile “Rocieros de Sevilla”
00.00h. Concierto de “La Espartera” – rumbeando por la vida.

Thursday 7th May
21:00h Actuación de la academia de baile “Dharma”
22:00h Actuación de la academia de baile Lynda Dorado “Duende Andaluz”, de Burdeos, Francia.
23:00h Actuación de “Los Duendes”

Friday 8th May
21:00h Actuación de la academia de baile “loa Morales y Arantxa Blanco”
22:00h Actuación de Jonathan Pons
23.00h. Concierto de CAMELA (entrada gratuíta)

Saturday 9th May
12h. Celebración de la Misa Rociera en la Parroquia Arciprestal de la Inmaculada Concepción cantada por el coro de la Casa de Andalucía “Rafael Alberti”.
A continuación, pasacalles de Caballos por la calles de la Ciudad hasta llegar al Recinto de la Feria.
Exhibición de caballos y carruajes en el recinto de la feria hasta las 16:00h.
21.30h. Actuación de la Escuela Municipal de Danza dirigida por Nuria Girona
22.30h. Actuación de la Academia de baile PAYA´s
23:00h. Gran Final del V Concurso de Copla “Ciudad de Torrevieja”.
00:00h. Actuación de la compañia flamenca “El Torero”

Sunday 10th May
11.00h. Paseo de caballos por el Recinto de la Feria hasta las 16:00h.
12.00h. Espectáculo de caballos en el Recinto Portuario con entrada libre.
19.00h. Final del Concurso de Sevillanas.
20.00h. Actuación de la academia de baile “Soul Dance”
21.00h. Actuación de la academia de baile “Maria del Angel”
22.00h. Actuación de los coros rocieros de Torrevieja:
– Hermandad Virgen del Rocio
– Casa de Andalucia “Rafael Alberti”
– Alba Rociera
– Grupo “Azahar”
23.30h. Clausura de la Feria con la participación de los 4 coros rocieros, que interpretarán la Salve Rociera.

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18-year-old Alberto left the Spanish TV series Masterchef Spain in tears two weeks ago. The potato on his dish had three scoops and five blades and was supposed to look like a lions head.

In a Lion King-meets-Finding Nemo inspired dish, 18-year-old contestant, Alberto, presented “Lion eats prawn” to universal scorn from the judges.

“This is an insult to my intelligence,” scoffed judge Pepe Rodriguez, a renowned Spanish chef.
“Humour is important in cooking, but looking at this… I don’t find it funny at all.”

“What is this supposed to be? An insult to cooking!” said the jury and sent Alberto home.

Meanwhile Alberto is receiving a lot of sympathy online. His potato head is going viral: the hashtag #leoncomegamba is trending and the photo shots keep coming back.

And one of the judges, Jordi Cruz, has apologised. “It wasn’t my intention to insult anyone,” he says

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